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    SharePimples are a part of almost everyone’s teenage years. You either witness them on your own or a dear friend’s face. The latter is less worrying though because it assures you that having pimples is as normal as anything if your friends have them too. You sometimes may even have nightmares that while everyone else is going to look flawless ...
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    Snoring in women: Causes and Consequences

    ShareIt may be more easily conceived that a man can snore, but snoring in women is a reality not to be underestimated. And this situation can be very embarrassing from a social and medical point of view. Especially if snoring is the telltale sign of sleep apnea. Also called ronchopathy , snoring is a sound coming from the vibration of ...
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    How to choose best surgeons for cosmetics treatments?

    ShareThe most important and mind-boggling question before a cosmetic surgery might be “How to Choose Best Cosmetic Surgeon for my Treatment?” Well, we are going to tell you exactly what to look for while choosing a surgeon for your treatment. The guide below will tell you everything that you need to know before choosing a surgeon. Research Talk to your ...
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    Everything you Need to Know about Anti Wrinkle Injections and IPL Hair Removal in Melbourne

    ShareWe, humans, are emotional expressive beings and nothing shows more expression than our faces. The expressions are caused by the movements of the facial muscles which contract and cause folds in the skin like when we smile, the skin near the mouth creases and when we are angry or frown the skin on the forehead and in-between the eyebrows crease. ...
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    5 Yoga Poses that can Help Reduce Anxiety and Stress

    ShareStress is a part of all of our lives. We’re stressed out at school, at work, while we’re out with friends, in fact sometimes even sitting at home and doing nothing becomes stressful after a while. You need a break to stop feeling stressed out all the time, but there are times when you cannot afford a break. On the ...
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    Fat Removal Treatment VS Home Remedies

    ShareAre you an obese person? Have you tried exercise and a specific diet plan but still you need a fat removal treatment? Have you tried pills and other ways and now you want to go for something legitimate? Thanks to the latest technology, the latest fat removal treatment methods allow getting rid of extra and stubborn fat from your body. ...
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    Ideal Height and Weight Chart

    ShareA decent pen of how much your body fat is the weight dimension. Although it’s an incomplete step, it gives a fast examination of the quantity of your body is made out of fat. Nevertheless, many could want to deduce the ‘ideal’ weight they ought to be weighing, below is a general overview. Below is an overview for the ‘perfect’ ...
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    What Are The Eyedrops for Chalazion?

    ShareA chalazion is a common condition that is mainly caused by the blockage of a gland in your eyelid, and it looks like a little lump. Luckily, it rarely becomes an infection and can be cured with only the injection or a minor operation. If so, then what are the eyedrops for chalazion? Use the anti-inflammatory eye drops or ointments ...
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    10 fantastic ways to make your fitness routine more fun!

    Share 10 fantastic ways to make your fitness routine more fun! by FactDr
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    Differences between Himalayan Salt and Table Salt

    ShareA few years ago, salt was deemed as a necessary ingredient in all our foods. And this was not just because of the taste that salt imparts to our food, but also because of the health benefits we get by including salt in our diets. Now that our world has started questioning even the most basic and mainstream constituents of ...