Why is Silk a Luxury Fabric?


Silk is a remarkable fabric. It is thought of as one of the best materials available widelyout there. Though silk material is kind of pricey, folks like to wear it. It is a finite material, and all countries do not produce it. China is the largest manufacturer of silk materials.

Silk takes five thousand silk rootworms to supply one kilogram of Silk. We can produce so many materials from Silk, whether for clothing purposes, storing purposes, home décor, and lots of additional. In India, bhagalpuri silk sarees, Kanjivaram silk sarees, and pure silk sarees are famed, and women like to wear them.

Why is Silk so expensive?

Silk is taken into account to be a rich material. It is created by labour-intensive technique and takes heaps of your time to form Silk. Silk creating could be a long method. It starts with caterpillars;the caterpillars eat mulberry leaves five times daily. After 45 days of eating and blooming, the worms can develop fully.

They have a special spinneret that secrets one long continuous thread. That thread is the Silk. The silkworm spins the thread into a cocoon. Then the cocoons are steamed, cleansing them and killing the insects. Then the filament is joined to form a thick thread to weave into the material.

As we can see, creating Silk is a long method and needs innumerable patience, making silk a luxury material. One yard of silk values approximately $100.

Where can Silk fabric be used?

  1. Sarees:

Silk sarees are very famous among Indian women. They like to wear silk sarees. Pure silk saree prices differ according to their fabric and material. Silk sarees are also available in several varieties, such as Bhagalpuri silk saree, Kanjivaram silk sarees, Banarasi silk sarees, Chanderi silk sarees, and many more. Silk sarees look elegant on women and provide an ethnic look to them.

  • Ties:

Ties are very famous among men. Men wear ties in an exceedinglyformal look when they want to appear sophisticated. And when they wear silk ties with their formal look, it makes them look additionally elegant, and they look more expressive.

  • Shirts:

Shirts are very common among all folks, be it men, women, or children. Shirts can be used to show both formal and informal appearances. It comes in several materials like cotton, polyester, Silk, and more. Silk shirts can be worn at weddings and parties. In addition, it provides an ethnic look to people who wear it.

  • Scarves:

Scarves have become a new trend in the fashion industry, it provides a trendy look for girls and women. Scarves created with silk materiallook stylish and provide a chic look. Scarvesare created with varied silk sorts like mulberry silk, viscose silk, and many more.

  • Tires:

Tires need strong material which can handle all sorts of pressure. Silk is recognized as one of the toughest materials, yet it is soft but laborious. Therefore, the car’s tires and other vehicles are made from Silk.

  • Home Ornamentation:

Silk is not solely employed infashion industries but is used conjointly for décor. Several décor items came in silk materials like bedsheets, pillows, curtains, quilt covers, wall hangings, tablecloths, and much more.

  • Parachutes:

In earlier times, parachutes used to be created from Silk. Silk is more beneficial in making parachutes due to its skinny nature, and Silk is fire safe and is light in weight which can be helpful in flying parachutes.


To sum up, Silk is a natural material and is very attractive. Although Silk is a bit pricey when you wear or use it, it is worth the value, and you will be gladonce using it and wishes to shop for additional.


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