Why You Read Eyelash Extension “Horror Stories” In The Press


Eyelash extensions are great: they beautify your eyes, give you a bolder, more mature appeal, and ultimately transform your look with very little effort. But there are horror stories about improper applications of these lashes. Learn why you shouldn’t avoid them, and instead read more and study them.

Open your eyes to the truth.

Literally. One of the many eyelash extensions horror stories you’ll hear or read about is getting your eyes glued shut. Imagine getting your first ever extension, so you’re basically clueless about the process. You don’t really know if the glue being applied to the edge of your lids is just the right amount or not. Unfortunately for you, the one doing your lashes is also clueless about the right amount of glue to use. And if you shut your eyes for one teeny bit, you’ll find that it has been glued shut.

Don’t freak out, it will only make things worse and painful if you panic and struggle. Instead, calmly tell the one doing your lashes that they’ve managed to glue your lids shut. They’ll know what to do, and they’ll be able unglue them in no time. Your takeaway here is that this salon is not a good place to get your lashes done.

Now that you’ve learned your lesson, don’t ever go back to that place, and if possible share your story to your friends and family members. They can laugh all they want, but at least you’re able to warn them with your first-hand experience.

Don’t end up as one of Dr. Frankenstein’s experiments.

When you’re getting your eyelash extensions, all you really need to spend is your effort (making the appointment and going there,) time (sitting still for a while,) and money. You didn’t sign up for your eyes to get butchered or bloodied, as the process is relatively painless. This is why it is truly a horror story when the ones doing your lashes lack the technique and finesse to do the job properly. One tell-tale sign is that you feel pain whenever he or she touches your lids. You’re not supposed to feel pinched or pricked, and you should never ever be bloodied by this relatively harmless task.

If you get hurt or feel discomfort that’s unnatural for this process, don’t be afraid to back out. You don’t want to put yourself in harm’s way, especially when you are dealing with your eyes, which is a very sensitive part of your body. This is why you should be diligent when you’re searching for a salon to get your extensions. Read reviews, or ask about it from your friends familiar to the place.

Learn about your allergies before you get your eyelash extensions.

One of the most important lessons you could learn from horror stories of this kind is that you could end up having an allergic reaction from the process. It is a must for these salons to ask about your allergies first, because they’ll be applying cosmetic products to a very sensitive part of your body. You don’t want to end up going home with eyes nearly shut from the irritation and allergic reaction. Worse, you wouldn’t want to be rushed to a nearby hospital when matters get out of hand.

If you have any allergies, it is a good idea to always bring your medication even on your routine salon trips. But a good salon would always ask you if you have any allergies before certain procedures. If they went straight ahead and applied extensions on you, then you’ll know that they don’t really care about their patrons. If that happens, it’s best to ask them if there are any compounds that could cause allergy in the products they use, and make sure that this will be your last visit to that salon.

You’d want to avoid experiencing the case of the vanishing eyelashes.

Perhaps one of the most common eyelash extensions horror stories is them falling off in less than a day of getting them. Imagine walking out of the salon feeling proud and confident because of your new, full, well-balanced lashes. You meet up with friends, eager to show them your new look. Instantly, they love it and can’t stop complimenting you about it. But suddenly, you now itches and you feel a sneeze coming. You let one out discreetly, but when you look up to your friends to apologize, you find one of your lashes blown off and floating on your drink. Awkward!

And if you’re really unlucky, a part of your extension could fall off your lush right into your eye. They could be very hard to remove, and could be embedded right inside if you wrongly rubbed it or tried other ways to remove it. This could lead to infection, and a more painful extraction method conducted by an ophthalmologist. Ouch!

You may think that such an occurrence is just an exaggeration, but no, even worse things have happened. And this is all due to poorly applied extensions. The salon may have used too little glue to hold them properly in place, or the glue didn’t actually set right. Unfortunately for you, it has already happened and you’ve already made a fool out of yourself in front of your friends.

Don’t try to remove them on your own, even if you don’t like them.

Yes, buyer’s remorse could happen even with eyelash extensions. You may have imagined a different look before getting them, so when they turned out differently, your instinct is to remove them and just go back to your plaid old look. Don’t ever get tempted to pry them off on your own because this could lead actually tearing off a piece of your skin, or your eyes getting infected with your dirty hands or tools. Go back to where you got them so that they can remove them, or just try to live with it. After all, it will only last a month.

Indeed, these eyelash extensions stories are scary, but you should read them as part of your research before getting one. With due diligence, you’ll be able to discover where you should get these extensions. Always go with reputable salons with the best tools and techniques to beautify your lashes, without any problems.



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