Eat Sleep and Play to Be Young and Fit


Immortality for human beings is something that cannot be achieved. That is why, as the years roll by, we slowly drift to old age. This might not be good news to some or all of us since who wish to have that young and fit body till eternity. However, it is possible to keep that young and fit body for quite a long period. To do so, there are something’s that have to be made part and parcel of our lives. Since everything good requires some sacrifice and determination. Below are some of the things you can incorporate to your busy world and trust me, they are rewarding:

Food is a great and vital essential to a healthy and fit body. It is therefore a requirement that we eat well every day, just to make sure that our body is healthy with an improved performance. However, when it comes to eating, you just do not have to eat anything that can be consumed. Junk food should not have a place in your body.

Since you are interested in keeping your body fit and young, you really have to be careful with what you eat. Go for foods that will assist you achieve that goal. Here are some of the foods you can put in your doubt to fulfill your desire;

  • Beet juice-research dictates that beet juice is very efficient in enhancing energy. Energy is very essential in keeping your body fit.
  • Honey-Honey helps in making your body endure increased exercise and other activities that go for long hours. Therefore, your body will be kept fit always.
  • Pea protein-it is rich in chain amino acids that are very vital in delaying fatigue thus maintaining a nice body fit.
  • Blueberries-they act as anti-inflammatory, ensuring no spider veins comes on your way. Besides that, it boosts immunity, therefore you won’t be affected by diseases that results in wearing out your body.
  • Tart Cherries-whenever you work and exercise, we use a lot of strength. So, at the end of the day, you just want to sit down and enjoy a meal that will regain your strength. Tart cherries will do you that much needed favor.


Playing is a way of exercise that is very important in ensuring you live a healthy life with a fit body. Researchers have even unraveled that many fit adults have muscles and bones similar to those younger than them. This just confirms the good exercise does to your body. So, it is very important that you spare some of your time and dedicate it to doing some exercises.

You can decide to engage in push-ups as a way of exercising. They really go a long way to give you strength and make your body fit. Through it you also get the endurance to withstand intense work that stretches for long hours. You can also do some walking exercises; they really help in protecting from diseases like diabetes. Preserving your body from diseases is very important to maintain your body shape and fitness.


As you remain focused in pursuing your dreams, you should remember that sleeping is very important. Actually, it is the best way to rest after having a busy day. So, do not work till let in the night with the aim of being better than someone. Ensure you spare sometime to sleep. Even as you plan to sleep, make sure you have enjoyable sleep. This can be achieved through having an efficient sleep schedule.

The sleep schedule dictates that you do not have to carry extra work home in the evening. That act is so wrong since you will have to go for long hours into the night trying to complete that work. As a result, you will have less time to sleep.

You also have to ensure that you avoid taking a lot of drinks at night. The reason for this is to prevent you from having to wake up in the night to visit the toilet. So, inured to evade such sleep distractions avoid too much drinks when you are about to sleep.

Sleeping on a nice mattress is of great help to you. It goes a long way to ensure that you enjoy your sleep. Make sure you have a comfy mattress for you to enjoy your sleep. This of great importance in regard to ensuring your sleep leads to young and fit body.

Your desire to maintain a young and fit body is achievable. You just have to eat well, Play and sleep well and a healthy and fit body will be your portion.



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