Let’s discuss about some common acid reflux symptoms


What is Acidic Reflux?

Acidic reflex is a burning sensation in the chest area which is also called as a chronic disease which is often caused by acidic content reaching to the esophagus part which makes the person uneasy and burning in the stomach. The Acidic Reflux symptoms are mostly seen in young people butaccording to doctors, the people who are most affected by Acid Reflux are in the rangeof 19 – 60 years old.

What is causing Acid Reflux?

Acid Reflux occurs in the people whose upper part of the stomach and LES move abovethe diaphragm, a muscle that separates the stomach from the chest. But if anyone hasa hiatal hernia then acid can move up into the esophagus and cause symptoms of acidreflux disease.

What are the Symptoms Of Acid Reflux?

People suffering from Acidic Reflux, show some symptoms which help in identifying the severity of the problem. Some of the symptoms like.

Severe Heartburn:

Many people think that acidic reflux is a simple problem which can be easily spotted and treat it but sometimes the symptoms are hideous and do not show many effects and people often mistake such symptoms as something else. And if this continues and left untreated for a certain amount of time then the heartburn can lead to a severe condition called Barrett’s esophagus which is the responsible for cancer.

Chest Burn:

The common symptoms of acidic reflux are chest pain which is caused by stomach acid pushed into the esophagus. The chest pain can last longer than expected and sometimes the level of pain may increase in extreme conditions. Many people mistake the chest pain to a heart attack but no matter what the pain is it is better not to ignore chest pain as a simple deal and consult the doctor as soon as possible.

Pain increase while at rest:

A person suffering from Acidic reflux experiences more pain when they lie down or rest because as they rest the stomach acid is more likely rushes into the esophagus causing the pain more and more. So that is why doctors advise Acidic reflux or chronic patients to raise the head of their bed and rest. Also, sleeping right after a hefty meal increases the chances of acidic reflux and cause pain in the stomach.

Pain right after a meal:

Normally pain sets in right after a big meal because all the contents are overloaded into the stomach and nowhere else to go but to rush to upward which leads to stomach acidic content flowing into the esophagus and causing heartburn. That is why doctors advise to eat within limit and not to overload the stomach with food as it can cause congestion in the esophagus.

Bitter taste in mouth:

Some people experience a bitter taste in the mouth this is the result of the stomach acid rushing into the esophagus to the throat and causing an unpleasant and bitter taste in the mouth. This type of condition must be treated immediately as in some extreme cases it could lead to choking. Generally, this takes place at night as post-meal the stomach acid rushed into the throat through the esophagus and causes a bitter taste in the mouth. People facing such condition lose their appetite to eat and sense of taste is not experienced by them.

Many doctors recommend acid-suppressing medications like antacids to control the level of acidity rushing into the mouth.


Many people mistake the symptom of hoarseness for the cold where the person’s voice start cracking but infect it is the main symptom of Acidic reflux. Hoarseness is caused when the stomach acid seeps into the esophagus and ruptures or irritates the vocal chords. As this happens the person starts to experience voice cracking and soon lose their voice.

So, doctor always advises the patients to pay attention when the voice sounds more husky or heavy. If such symptom occurs right after eating the food then there is a higher probability of Acidic reflux condition.

Sore throat:

Another important symptom of Acidic reflux is a sorethroat. Here also many mistakes a sore throat for some flu or cold but a sore throat is caused by the digestive problems. If the symptom of a sore throat is experienced right after the meal then it is nothing but a chronic condition.

If there are no symptoms like sneezing and sniffling then sore throat must to considered as the resultant symptom of Acidic reflux.

Acid Reflux Cough:

A cough is a symptom of acid reflux caused more likely by stomach acid rushing into the lungs. This makes the lungs uncomfortable and develops the cough condition. This is also called as a chroniccough. The main root of this symptom is heartburn which interrupts the normal lungs functioning and causes a chronic cough.


Some people who are suffering from Acidic reflux have also shown the symptoms of Asthma. Although very few people shown such symptoms but asthma is the condition where person face difficulty in breathing. In case of Acidic reflux, the asthma is caused when the stomach acid triggers the nerves in the chest cavity which are affecting the breathing tubes that keep the acid from rushing upward.

Doctors advise taking Ph test to check the acidic content if the patient has asthma due to the acidic reflux.

Acid Reflux Nausea:

Nausea can occur for anyreasons but if it occurs right after the meal then it must be considered as a result of Acidic reflux. Often people right after taking the meal the stomach acid rejects the food in the stomach and not let the food to digest. This causes nausea and person may experience vomiting sensation.

Many consultants and doctors prescribe over-the-counter acid-countering medicine to minimize the acid level content in the stomach.

Excessive Drooling of Saliva:

Excess of saliva production in the mouth is also a symptom of acidic reflux. This leads to vomiting and often caused because the esophagus is trying to remove excess of stomach acid from the body by vomiting of drooling the watery saliva out.

Trouble in Swallowing;

Due to the continuous rushing of stomach acid into the esophagus and then into the mouth and lungs causes damage to the lower esophagus soft tissue which is responsible for swallowing food. As this tissue damages it becomes hard for the person to swallow the food.

There are some of the Symptoms experiences by the Acidic reflux patients.


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