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skin tag removal

Skin tags on any part of face or body invite serious cosmetic concern. These fleshy growths are highly uncomfortable and spoil the appearance of skin. For this reason, a lot of people opt to get rid of these irky growths removed to improve their looks and get rid of the discomfort that comes from having skin tags. A few years back surgical removal used to be the only method for removing skin tags where a dermatologist cuts off the tag with a scalpel after anesthetizing it. Most people dread going in for surgical tag removal because of the pain and bleeding that arises in this method and prefer other natural methods to get rid of skin tags. These methods may be considered safe, but are either ineffective or take a lot of time to yield results.

To fill this need of an effective at-home tag removal method, many brands have introduced non-invasive skin tag removal kits and potions to cater to a wide variety of consumers. These skin tag removal options are painless and safe for use at home. Here, we’ll talk about various skin tag removal products, their effectiveness in removing skin tags and price of these products.


Tagband skin tag removal kit is the fastest tag removal method available in the market. It is made with an innovative design that works by strangulating the base of the tag to cut off blood supply to the tag. Tagband tag removal kit encloses cleansing pads, a band and a tag removal device with detailed instructions. Tagband kit comes in two sizes, Standard Tagband and Micro Tagband. Standard sized tagband is meant for tags measuring 4mm to 6mm while MicroTagband is meant for smaller tags measuring 2mm to 4mm. This method can be used on all parts of your face and body but is not suitable for skin tags on sensitive eye area. Before using Tagband it is advised to wash your hands thoroughly and cleanse the skin tag and surrounding skin with cleansing pads provided in the kit. The band is placed at the topmost part of the cone. A tag removal device is placed inside the cone and pushed against the base of the tag until the band pops off from the side. The band has to remain in place with the skin tag in order to cut off blood supply until the tag dries and falls off with the band. It may take anywhere from few days to a week for the tag to fall off with this method.


Freezing skin tags is another popular skin tag removal method used by dermatologists. Compound W Freeze Off is an at-home skin tag freezing method which can be used to remove skin tags on any part of your body. It uses dimethyl ether instead of nitrogen oxide as a freezing agent which is safer than nitrogen oxide. The kit includes a bottle of freezing liquid, skin protectors and applicator. This method destroys the cell structure of the skin tag and limits blood supply to the tag by freezing it until it becomes dead. The tag then drops off on its own within two to three weeks.


Dermatag tag removal method is a wonderful way to get rid of skin tags smaller than 2mm. It contains a special skin tag removal formula with apple cider vinegar, bloodroot and fig leaf extracts as its key ingredients which help in drying the skin tag and minimize chances of scarring on skin after the tag is removed. The kit comes with a can of tag removal liquid with an in-built applicator, q-tips to cleanse the skin before removing the tag, a plaster and an emery board to roughen the skin on tag to enable the liquid to reach inside the skin tag. Apply the liquid directly on the skin tag with the applicator or on the plaster as mentioned in the instructions provided with the kit depending on the size of the skin tag. This treatment takes several days to see results.


This is a cream based skin tag removal kit from Buy Naturally. It is a highly effective formula that helps in getting rid of skin tags or warts in just one or two applications. The package comes with all the tools to help you perform the procedure safely in the comfort of your home. These include skin tag removal paste, alcohol swabs, applicator, roughing needle, emery board, bandages and cotton swabs. The package also includes an after care cream to prevent scarring on skin after the tag is removed. The key ingredient in this cream is thuja ocidentalis which is a natural agent. It helps in destroying the structure of the skin tag to remove it.


This tag removal method from DermaNutrients is the latest product in the market. It comes in an easy to use stick form which can be applied straight to the skin tag making it easier to be used at home. You just need to open the cap to use this product. It is however advised to clean the skin tag and surrounding skin before applying the stick. This is again an all natural formula made from Thuja Ocidentalis and some essential oils. It has to be applied three times a day until the tag falls off. It not only removes skin tags but also quickens the healing process of skin.


Haloderm skin tag and mole removal cream is a homeopathic formula with bloodroot and zincum muriaticum as its active ingredients. This cream causes cauterization at the base of the skin tag which leads to formation of scab on its surface post which the tag dies and falls off. This product can be used on any part of the body. Skin tags on sensitive areas need to be dealt with caution as some natural ingredients are known to cause allergic reactions in certain people. This method claims to remove some skin tags in as little as one day. It is advised to protect the surrounding skin by applying a thick coat of petroleum jelly before using this cream on the skin tag as some ingredients in this formula are known to cause damage to the skin.

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