10 Natural Remedies to Lower Hypertension


Hypertension a “silent killer” is known to affect millions of people around the world. When you see your number going up in the doctor’s room, you might be confused about what to do further and end up trying medications as your first shot. But, a few lifestyle and diet changes can do wonders. It will reduce your numbers and lower the risk of heart disease and stroke without any medication. But if left untreated it can put your life on risk. Individuals with high Blood pressure don’t show up any symptoms hence it increases the chance of risks like kidney failure, heart disease, stroke, cognitive decline and aneurysms.

High blood pressure can cut your life short. So, try to lose your extra pounds and maintain a healthy weight. Before pushing yourself to a pill mode, try these simple natural remedies and switch your blood pressure to a normal mode without any medications. But, even after following home remedies if your blood pressure is still high, consult your physician for medications. Don’t stop your medication without speaking to your healthcare provider. Order your medicines online from any store for quick delivery in just a few clicks.

Here are 10 home remedies that really work to bring down your blood pressure numbers without any side effects.

Indian gooseberry– effective home remedy to keep blood pressure under control

Garlic – It’s a good natural remedy to control BP. It helps to dilate and relax blood vessels. Also, garlic helps us to protect from cardiovascular diseases. If you don’t like the pungent smell of garlic, try using garlic supplements from any online medicine website.

Ginger – It is one of the versatile herbs included in the Indian diet. It helps to improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure.

Flaxseed – Rich in omega -3 fatty acids, it helps to protect against cardiovascular disease by reducing serum cholesterol. 

Basil – Eugenol found in basil leaves helps to tighten blood vessels thereby it lowers blood pressure.

Cardamom– It adds not only flavours to food but also helps to lower blood pressure.

Sip on tea – Taking 3 cups of hibiscus tea per day lowered systolic blood pressure. The researchers said that the phytochemicals present in hibiscus are probably responsible to lower the bp.

Caffeine and cardiovascular health – Caffeine can increase your blood pressure by tightening your blood vessels. The study says that intake of 200-300 mg of caffeine raises systolic and diastolic pressure by 8 and 6 mmHg. (https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/14779072.2017.1287563?journalCode=ierk20). The effects can last up to 3 hrs.

Watermelon – One of the best natural remedy also a wonderful summer fruit to enjoy. When consumed the Citrulline present in the watermelon is converted to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels and helps to lower blood pressure.

Onions – The great natural remedy to lower blood pressure. Onions provide a host of cardiovascular health benefits. Quercitin present in onion helps to lower blood pressure, stroke, angina, chest pain and heart attack. The best way to benefit this enzyme is to eat onion in a raw or cooked form.

Regular blood pressure screenings are always good to go. Always put less strain on your heart! Pills don’t cure blood pressure it just tends to relax arteries and allows the heart to pump slower to lower blood pressure. It is always better to try natural remedies in the form of foods and supplements to normalize blood pressure and to reduce any health risk. Even if you don’t have blood pressure, include these foods in your diet and keep your pressure under control. For a disease-free life maintain a healthy life!

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