Reasons to See a Gynecologist Before 18


A gynecologist is a person who specializes in gynecology. Every young girl or young woman should regularly visit a gynecologist to avoid different health and mental problems. Actually, women go through drastic changes during teenage and all symptoms should be taken seriously. Why is it important to visit a gynecologist before 18 age? This article discusses reasons to see a gynecologist before 18.

If you are a young woman and want to avoid health risks you are likely to have, this topic is for you.

Why Visit a Gynecologist?

For problems related to breasts, sexual, and reproductive body parts, a woman should always consult an experienced gynecologist. The women who are sexually active or have any symptoms must visit their gynecology specialist to avoid bigger issues and live a better life.

If a woman or girl does not want to share any information with a male gynecologist, she can visit a female gynecologist. Please note that any information about infections, diseases, and sexual activities will be kept confidential by the doctor.

First Gynecologist Visit for Young Girls

Puberty is a unique experience that brings a lot of changes both mentally and physically. For women and men, it is time to become sexually mature and have kids. Unlike men, women also have physical changes such as the development of breasts.

A young girl often starts having periods around 12 or 13 age and that is a sign of body change. If a girl becomes sexually active before having periods, she should visit a gynecologist.

Right Ager for a Gynecologist Visit

A young girl with age 13 should visit a best gynecologist near his house and if a girl could not visit the doctor at age 13, she can visit her gynecologist anytime to be on the safer side. However, it is important to mention that a girl should visit a gynecologist after becoming sexually active even if she is not yet 13.

Purpose to Visit a Gynecologist

All of us go through changes due to the natural aging process, diet, and environmental factors. The female body changes more often than the male’s body. That is why a routine visit to a specialist is required. This session with a women’s doctor will provide information, help prevent disease, and treatment existing problems.

Information: Whether you are sexually active or not, you are having periods already. A consultation session with a doctor can provide valuable information for health and wellbeing.

Prevention: The women are at risk of infections and disease that do not even have symptoms. A gynecologist can see early signs of a health risk. Bigger issues can be avoided this way.

Treatment: If you already have a problem or feel any kind of symptoms in your body, it becomes necessary to visit a gynecologist. The earlier you start treating a problem, the better.

13 Reasons to See a Gynecologist Before 18

Here are the top 13 reasons to consult a gynecologist before turning 18:

  1. To get tested for pregnancy.
  2. To discuss signs of health risk.
  3. To highlight ways to conceive.
  4. To know the harms of contraceptives.
  5. To talk about how to be a normal woman.
  6. To talk about safe sexual intercourse.
  7. To know safe contraceptive methods.
  8. To discuss what’s a healthy body weight.
  9. To discuss major STDs and their symptoms.
  10. To discuss what kind of periods are normal.
  11. To discuss a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.
  12. To discuss how PMS can be handled properly.
  13. To discuss ways to avoid PMS and related issues.

The End Results

You have read notable reasons for visiting gynecologist before the age of 18. There are other reasons that must also be discussed. If you are a young girl or young woman who has not yet reached the age of 18, you should regularly visit a gynecologist.

Especially, when you are experiencing mental or physical symptoms that can possibly sign of a health emergency. So visit the nearest “women’s specialist” to know if you have a mental or physical problem. If you do not know a professional near your house or in your area, so you can search online.


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