How to stop Cramps before the period

Cramps before the period

Menstrual cycles are always a concern for every girl. There are many different symptoms when a girl has a menstrual period. Cramps before the period can be said to be one of the symptoms that we often see. However, the manifestation of this symptom is different in each person. Even so, many girls find it difficult when cramps before the period.

Cramping in the menstrual cycle is caused by stronger contractions of the uterus that push the menstrual blood out. The main cause is prostaglandin, a natural substance that causes the uterus to contract.

There are many causes of premenstrual cramps and menstrual cramps; these are the two main symptoms you see. Due to the different reasons, the treatment is different. So you have to understand your body, it will be the basis for curing and finishing the disease. And to understand more about this symptom and how to minimize it, check out the article below.


The monthly menstrual cycle is always the obsession of how many girls. Having difficulty in daily activities is common for girls in the period. Although each person will encounter problems and levels are different. However, it still affects not only health but also morale.

Symptoms such as cramps before the period, menstrual cramps, pain, nausea, fatigue, or anorexia, are symptoms you usually see.

Thorough information about health issues, especially for girls, is always a must. If you are unlucky, you may be weak or have gynecological problems. That will be the nightmare if you prepare to enter the menstrual period.

Do not be afraid to read and accumulate information about the problems you encounter. It will be useful material not only for you but the people around you. Understanding the condition, prevention, treatment, and recovery will be easier for you.

I hope the information that we updated for you above is really helpful and help a lot for you in life.




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