Eighteen Colors To Consider While Shopping For Winters


When it comes to the winter season, most of us turn into all-black emo singers from the early 2000s. The comfort of the color black becomes our go-to option with any jacket that is warm and fuzzy enough to keep the chills away.

While seeking comfort in the chilly season is alright, you can definitely add a few signature winter colors to your wardrobe to brighten up your outfits. After all, you do need something to break the dark monochrome of the weather, so why not do it with your own attire?

Here is a quick overview of the winter color palette for this year and the years after that!

How To Create Your Winter Color Palette?

A personalized color palette is a tool that helps you emphasize the features that give you a boost of confidence and make you look your best! The winter color palette is a small sample of these colors and hues that help bring out the color of your eyes, skin, and hair.

These colors can be used to create the illusions of height, curves, slender figures and everything else you can think of!

Since the winter weather is usually stark white or gloomy grey, it is ideal for making a palette that helps bring attention to your eyes. Because, technically, your face is the most visible body part that is not fully covered by caps, mittens, and scarves.

But since it’s a post-pandemic world, we never know how long the masks would keep covering the faces, so it’s a win-win both ways!  Here is a list of the top colors that you can use this winter to look your best and win the style game for the closing season of 2021!


Maroon is the perfect winter color for every skin tone. It works especially well for the warmer skin undertones and darker eye colors. It can be used for skirts, scarves, boots, and even cardigans.

While most professionals opt for grey and maroon as the unwritten rule of winter colors, you can even wear it in all its monochromatic glory!

Earthy Tones

The trend for winter colors has changed exasperatingly over the last decade. Previously, people would bring out the loudest, boldest colors of custom bomber jackets and enjoy it! But now, the earthy tones have taken over the entire year!

From beige sweaters to camel boots, auburn corduroy pants, to tan cashmere, this color palette is all the rage amongst the glossy brands.

Gucci, Balenciaga, and Burberry have helped even the mainstream brands catch up on this range, and it looks like it’s staying!


We did not mention mustard while speaking of earthy tones because it is the alternative to peppy yellow for the winter season! From accent pieces like leather cuffs to velvet coats on top of your outfit, getting a few pieces in this color is all you need to feel warm and fuzzy!

This may be considered a typical color of fall, but you definitely need something to keep the body heat up and going when it gets cold.

Emerald Green

Whether you are a fan of the jewel tone of emerald or the casual shade of forest green, this color is the perfect choice for formal winter wear. Whether it’s a dress that pushes you to put on some shapewear for the date or it’s an outfit for something at the office, this color will never let you down!

It helps your outfits look effortless and well pulled together even when you pair the first black dress with a green coat in the morning!

Teal and Turquoise

Now we’re talking about the slightly flirtatious colors for the winter season! Teal and turquoise are the ideal balance of cool and warm palettes that help you look to accentuate your skin tone during the cold season.

These sophisticated colors can be used to overthrow the power exalted on the various shades of grey for woolen wear and warm items generally! You can get blouses, coats, boots, and even skirts in these colors to enjoy the celebrations for New Year!

Navy Blue

Navy blue is a magical color when it comes to dressing up in the chilly weather. It can be confused with black for its depth, but it is also a rather fantastic option when you want to play a little!

Depending on the shade of navy blue, you can pair your dresses and coats with contrasting colors like white, grey, and even black to complete a timeless look. If you are not comfortable with a navy blue dress, you can always use sapphire-toned jewelry too.

Plum and Purple

If you are looking for a few beautiful colors for your wardrobe, then plum and purple are probably the best choices. These deep shades are utterly gorgeous and add a regal effect to your overall outfit. You can easily choose a staple item in this color and accentuate it with neutral-coloured accessories.

Or you can even pull a vice versa by using plum and purple colored coats and winter accessories on a plain black outfit.  Coats, shift dresses, blouses, leather jackets, and leggings make the perfect purchases in these colors.


Coming back towards maroon, burgundy is a little less celebratory shade of red that can be added to your winter outfits. The variation in hue and prints make it the right choice for those who prefer to experiment with their outfits.

Burgundy can be used for leg warmers, trousers, dresses, and even bomber jackets if you are brave enough to pull this off. Since it’s a very feminine color, there’s no harm in getting a few dresses in the variant shades of the color!

A Few More Color Combinations

Here is a quick list of color combinations that you can consult for your winter shopping this year!

  • Purple and Grey
  • Violet monochromes
  • Emerald and Blue
  • Mustard and Carmine
  • Maroon and Cold Beige
  • Fuchsia Pink and Navy Blue
  • Black And Jewel Tones

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, your winter wardrobe should be all about your comfort zone. If you like candy colors and pastel shades, then you should go for it. Even if it is against the unwritten rules of fashion, your wardrobe should reflect your choices!

Make a statement with your wardrobe this winter. Remember to seize the day!


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