9-Minute Workout for Stamina, Endurance, and Strength


Exercise has multiple benefits. When we read about exercise, we keep seeing that people consider it as a healthy way of life. Most people think that it is all about losing weight, others think that it is somehow linked to the lean body, however, most people miss the point that exercise is very good for building stamina. We have seen that athletes can run and keep working out for hours without getting tired, however, someone who has never worked out might get tired right away. Our body can adapt to the situation. This is the same reason that is applied when people who live in colder areas get heatstroke when they visit areas of hot climate but people who are already living there are doing just fine. In short, the body parts that you use the most get stronger with time and this eventually helps you adjust according to the situation. Our body is built to be very flexible and very strong which is the reason we can lift weight and live in harsh conditions. Exercise is just another way to help your body reach its optimum.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know what exactly endurance is and how you can build good stamina and endurance. We have also listed down some of the most important exercises that will help you improve your stamina. Another important thing is that we will list down some of the most important benefits that endurance building through exercise will have on your body.

What Do We Mean By Stamina Endurance Building?

When we talk about stamina building most people think that it is linked with the inner ability of a person. However, research reveals that stamina building is linked with how much work you have done using the muscle group. This means that the more your work the better your endurance and stamina get. The idea of stamina is to have enough strength in your body that you can keep working for long hours without getting tired. When you work out, your muscles go through wear and tear. Eventually, the body heals itself which means that the old, weak, and worn-out muscle cells are replaced by new and stronger muscle cells. These muscle cells can endure more weight, harsh conditions and can also continue exercise for longer hours without getting tired. This is not just limited to the workout, stamina building is good for walking, daily household chores, and much more.

9-Minute Workout Plan for Endurance and Stamina

This workout plan will only take nine minutes of your daily routine and it will be very effective for your body. This nine-minute plan consists of nine very easy moves that can be easily used for a simple home workout. All these workouts do not require any extra effort and you also do not need any equipment. For each exercise, you can use a one-minute timer and by the end of the one minute, you can start the next exercise.

Push up

Push is pretty easy, it helps you lift your body weight and the main focus will be on the upper body. You just need to lift the upper body weight with the help of your arms and then go down again. The initial position will be plank position and you just need to keep shifting for one minute.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are good for upper body strength but they will also help you get rid of the chicken legs. You need to start by laying down on your stomach and then get to the plank position. Now bring up your legs by bending the knees. You need to keep the weight on your arms this whole time.


Plank is a great exercise for the upper body and it also helps you work on the core. You just need to lie down on your stomach and then use your elbows to lift your weight. Stay there while you keep your core tight and your backbone straight.


Crunches are great for the abdomen and if you try other variations you will be able to involve your legs as well. For the crunches, you will feel the burn in your core mainly and since the core is the main center for generating the energy, you will be able to benefit from it. You can start with simple crunches but as you master the simple crunch you can then move to bicycle crunch.

Split Squat

For the split squat you need to keep one leg above the other like you are in a lunges position and then do your squats. Once done, you need to then change your leg and this will complete 30 seconds with one and 30 seconds with the other leg.


Burpees are a great exercise but you will start sweating within a few minutes. It is intense and engages the whole body. Start by standing straight and then touch your feet and finally go straight up while you lift both hands.

Leg raise

For leg raises you are working your core and leg muscles. Stand straight and keep both your hands right in front of you. Now lift your knee one at a time and try to bring your knee up to the waist.


A squat is a great workout for the buttock and your legs. The best thing is that you can use the squat to strengthen your legs and shape your body as well. This is a functional exercise where you need to pretend like you are sitting on an invisible chair.

High Knee

Lie down straight on your back and all you need to do is lift both legs and try to kick the air. Some people like to clap behind their back as they lift their legs, it is optional.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, if you want to live a healthy life, you need to work on stamina building. Most people in old age get tired easily which means they stop working out and gain weight. Eventually, this weight gain affects their health and this cycle proves to be fatal. The best way to cater to this issue is to exercise for at least 15 minutes daily. With just a simple workout that you can perform at home, you will be able to enjoy a happy and healthy life for a longer time. Apart from this, it has anti-aging effects which help you stay fit even at an older age.


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