Michael Phelps Swimming Journey Till 2016


Michael Phelps Swimming Journey

Michael Phelps name nothing to say about him as we all admire his hard work and passion about swimming. Today he is the most garlanded Olympian of all time, yes you have to check history of 2000 years to find such athlete, with have total twenty third Olympic medals with over 3 Olympic Games. You would be wonder to know that he did not get medal at his first games when he took part in Australia. He got identity for his alarming butterfly. So he also specializes in personality medleys and the 100 and 200 meter swimming style.

Let’s start with the beginning to know about Michael Phelps, he was born in Townson, 30th June 1985. With having two older sisters, named Whitney and Hilary, a infantile Phelps was really fearful of put his face in the hose, do you really believe this but yes he was fearful at that time. Gradually he over come with this anxiety and in 1996, when he see Tom Machow and Tom Dolan in Olympic Games held in Atlanta, he inspired by the performance, and started work in that direction he also met Bob Bowman and the coach who have seen high and low in his career, where he come to know how to get success in every challenges not only in Swimming but in life as well.

Olympic Games in 2000

In 2000 you would amazed to know that he was 15 years old youngest male Olympian of United States and had presented in nearly 70 years. He competes in the championship beside Tom Malchow, touching fifth position. As just a viewer at the event, Phelps struggled in school and was diagnosed with ADHD, he total focused on swimming. He was so enthusiastic in swimming and he started getting inspiration by observing the races of bodysuit clad freestyle legend, Ian Thorpe. And he keeps improving himself in terms of improving his swimming.



One Year Later

At the age of 16 years Michael Phelps broke his first world record during world championship Trials at the Phillips 66 Nationals, at the Sydney Games, the 200 Meter Fly. He become the youngest male swimmer to smash a World Record at that time- you would be surprised to know that the title was previously held by Ian Thorpe, who has broken 400 Meter World Record at the age of only 16 years and 10 months of age. After that Michael went on Word Championships tour in Fukuoka, Japan, when he broke again his record again, it was really a tight grip on the 200 meter butterfly and that wouldn’t be fully relinquish until his departure.

Olympic Games in 2004

Till 2004 Phelps made his selection, and presenting himself on various occasions as not only a butterfly guru, but also freestyle, and also I.M. Expert, he was focusing on the shorter end of center distance swimming. At the Athens 2004 games, he earned total six Gold medals and two bronze medals. At the first day of the meet, he won most grueling events, the 400 meter at record time.

200 Meter freestyle race is highly expected, Phelps swam against his hero, Ian Thorpe. He was very proud to compete with him and really admire hard work of Ian Thorpe and in that race he was third, behind Thorpe and Pieter van den at that time he was just 19 years old. Thorpe was also admiring his hard work.

In 4 years after 2004 he earns number of world records, even he displaces Ian Thorpe as the center of the swimming world. After that he was arrested for driving under the influence in November after Athens, because of that he served for 18 months trial, he paid a lot of fine, and did community service, he also apologized for the mistake and move on to the medal six time at the world championship in Montreal.



America never failed to take the gold medal in the men’s 4×100 meter medley relay at Summer Games. On Saturday the competitive swan song of the greatest Olympian, Michael Phelps.


FINA World Championships in 2007


Michael Phelps made his benchmark that no one can break his record and he also acknowledged that his plans to beat the record of most first place finishes in a single Olympics, Mark Spitz, you would be amazed to know that he won 7 gold bars medals in the year 1972 Munich Games. While Phelps could have done so in 2004, those plans were derailed by Thorpe and van den Hoogenband in the 200free, after that he again loss 4×100 free relay, for which Phelps swam the introduction heat.

In 2007 World Championships while doing preparation, Phelps competed in eight events. The 4×100 medley relay team was disqualified, and would not be able to complete in the final. So Phelps won his seven other events, five of them in world record time. Phelps swims like a fast train and its really wonderful to see him swimming like this today.

Olympic Games 2008

In 2008 Place Beijing Olympic Games, neither Ian Thorpe nor Mark Spitz shows support or belief in their would be responsibility. But Phelps don’t miss the opportunity and proved them wrong, it was mind blowing competition and he was out of the water eight times in a row with two relay events, at that time he was relied heavily on the attitude and attentiveness of his teammates. The distance of time was 0.01 second when he beat Serbian Milord in 100 Fly. The athletes touched so close that the final result was required inspection of the playback video, and because if controversy in the end it was find out that the Omega Timers registered Phelps, powerful touch first rather than Cavic’s light glide, and Cavic Challenged to rematch with Phelps in 2009. So one thing is for sure that you don’t get success easy, you have to be ready to work hard at any time.

So, 8 of his 18 gold medals were won at 2008 Beijing Olympics, Where Phelps put his name on Spitz’s record.  At the same time fame and fear a while it also called attention to Phelps leisure drug use, in February 2009: which was addressed openly when an image of him using a bong surface on the internet. He responded much like the way he response 4 years back, he simply apologized and did his time and he was suspended for 3 months from USA Swimming. He learn to face ups and down in his life and learn to come out of such problem. I think we should also learn for such great player that how to stick to your goals.

FINA World Championships In 2009 to 2011

In 2009 Rome, face rumor that he was out of form and out mind, you would be wonder to know that he lost his first race in four years to newcomer, Paul Biedermann, which prompted big argument about the unfair benefit Biedermann have increased from his full polyurethane suit, the Arena XGlide. Phelps, who have wore Speedo LZR racer, Finally Biedermann’s finished and as a result of his training, not his gear, though bowman begged to differ.

In 2009 World championship, Textile suits were banned by FINA, and Phelps world record stripe slowed. His motivation starts wavering and it was start reflecting in his performance during off-season meets.  At that time he stated that he will stop swim at the age of 30, and that the 2012 Olympics Games will be the last.

Olympic Games Year 2012

Phelps’ objective for his last Games was to end up being one of the most decked Olympian of all time—it was really not an easy task, also if it did not need only starting point finishes. His first occasion, the 400 I.M., which he when pledged not at all to swim again, was a major distress. He did not medal, touching 4th, while longtime competitor as well as close friend, Ryan Lochte, enjoyed first. In spite of this fluke, Phelps finished out the meet one more six medals, for an overall of twenty two Olympic gold and bronze medals– 3 greater than the figure apprehended by Russian gymnast Larisa and he joined him in a Louis Vuitton approach shoot that was launched soon after the Olympics ended. Phelps then retired, having really collected a total of 71 medals in important long-course competitors. Then he held six long-course world documents, with that of his brand name juncture, the 200 fly.

Quit from Swimming

He was all set to focus on the Michael Phelps Foundation, which he founded with the success in Beijing with Bowman. He wants to continue the support of youth interest in swimming and also promotes value of healthy life. He travels a lot all over the world attending gold competitions and he was even on a golfing television show. But from his heart he loves swimming and making an appearance in the stands at the 2013 World Championship at Barcelona, and again he join his old training crew. He fans was amazed to see in his shape, stirring the possibility of a return to competition. Even his competitor Ryan Lochte stated in many interviews that he knew Phelps will surely back with a bang.

Preceding and after 2013 Globes, Phelps organized fellow Olympian, Conor Dwyer, who has been training with Bob Bowman. Phelps came with the NBAC to the Minneapolis Grand Prix in November 2013, which was held the exact same weekend break that his re-entry to the drug testing plan was advertised in U.S. Anti-Doping Firm quarterly records.

Though he had not swum competitively considering that the summer of 2012, Phelps reentered the United States drug screening swimming pool in the early autumn of 2013, though this was not revealed until November. Phelps stated that “absolutely nothing is uncompromising,” however many saw this as the prime step towards the 2016 Rio Olympic Gaming’s.



His Come Back

Phelps Joined winter teaching trip in January 2014, appearing on teammates social media as just a viewer enjoy the coast. In late March, Bowman entertained imaginary questions about Phelps’ fitness in correlation with upcoming swimmer. But it wasn’t until April that Phelps resurfaced. And finally he comes back in competition at Arena Grand Prix in Mesa, and fans were really happy to see him again. His first race was 100 meter butterfly, an event in that he holds the world record.

In the competition with Ryan Lochte coming off a knee problem at his side, Phelps was a very close second and participated in the post race interview and told his fan that he was entertaining and making fun of his rival about being behind.

After the great successful at the Arena Grand Prix in Charlotte in Athens, Georgia, Phelps show at Phillips 66 nationals in August left something to be required. He was seventh in his first event.

Later in the August Phelps signed a few years of contract with AquaSphere. He was pretty fared in the universe focus, collect five medals regardless of the rain in Gold Coast, AUS. He remarked that he has started looking at long term goals, mentioned that the 2015 world championships, Phelps was back and all his competitors were really scared of his hard work.

National Championships 2015

After being banned from 2015 FINA world championship due to his next DUI, he competed at the America N.C in the same time competition Held in an outdoor pool in San Antonio, Phelps posted times that are some of the nearby marks to both the super set of clothes era and the London Olympics.

His focused was on main Nationals events, 100 meter fly, 200 meter fly and the 200 meter IM. He managed to qualify for the championship final and he went three for three in the 200 meter IM. And he won national title and top the world’s fastest time. Critics has nothing to say anything now, in the butterfly actions, Phelps faced global competitors even at a national meet.

The Olympic Run-Up 2016

We all know that media bang the pre Olympic season. The Video go viral appear on the primary page of Yahoo news and it was trending Number 1 on Facebook that featuring Michael Phelps March 8th 2016. At the end most major media outlet report on the video, but it really nothing capture the emotion feel when Olympic fan believe of the most Athlete of every time.

Rio Olympics 2016

Rio Olympic 2016 medal number 23 came in Phelps’ initial event in Rio, 4 × 100 meter freestyle, and it was his 19th gold. Phelps took control of for the 2nd leg from Caeleb Dressel in second place just behind France. By the time he finished his leg, Team UNITED STATE mored than a 2nd in advance. Ryan Held as well as Nathan Adrian maintained the lead for the remainder of the method to take gold in 3.09.92. Phelps’ split of 47.12 was the 4th fastest of all the swimmers.

Phelps wanted to redeem his 200 meter butterfly crown, against 2012 champ Chad Le clos. At the midway mark he began pulling away, turning in 53.35, just ahead of Chad le Clos. As the final 50 unravelled it was encounter versus young people as Phelps fought to hang on while le Clos a little dropped back. Hungary’s 19 years of age Tamas Kenderesi and also Japan’s Masato Sakai made their returned yet really did not have sufficient to take Phelps’ circlet. Sakai take the silvery and also Kenderesi, the bronze. Phelps won his 20th gold medal as he took back his crown winning the 200 meter butterfly in 1:53.36.



It wasn’t indicated to be for Phelps in the 100 indicator butterfly as 21 years old Joseph Education of Singapore refuted him of his 23rd Olympic gold, damaging Phelps’ Olympic document in the process. Phelps turned at the halfway mark in 6th, but as always, his last 50 he turned on the burners. In an additional Olympic initially for Phelps, he touched in a three-way connection for second with long period of time butterfly competitors, Laszlo Cseh and also Chad le Clos. The 3 completed 0.75 secs behind Education in 51.14.



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