The 3 Best Perpetual & Yearly Fantasy Football Trophies


As per statistics available on the web, fantasy football Ads contribute $2 to 5 billion dollars in the USA economy, and the figure may go up for the world economy. It is because European and Australian football fans have shown increased tendencies towards playing fantasy football games online using international sites and service providers.

We will not delve into basics of fantasy football games and how they are playing, but surely will discuss the trophies the players/owners buy and distribute after formation of teams and leagues to keep players’ tempo up.

Fantasy football investors have several different ways to run their league. The managers invest their time, money, and efforts, to place an excellent team on the field according to the schedule daily or weekly. The managers win it all by displaying their consistency with the game need special recognition.

The best way to do so is giving awards or sports trophies to reward managers’ dedication. Trophies come with own advantages like encouraging managers to work hard and show more dedication than they used to. Similarly, trophies for winning league members keep them investing in the fantasy sports.

Varieties of Fantasy Football Trophies: Single vs Perpetual

The fantasy football trophies used to come in two varieties based on the years it is given, single year trophies and multi-year trophies. Multi-year trophies also known as perpetual trophies where only one trophy circulates or uses year-after-year.

If we weight pros and cons of both variety of trophies, our decision making process for buying the most suitable and acceptable fantasy football trophies becomes easy. So, let’s do it.

Variety of Trophies Pros Cons
Single Year Trophy ·  Winners or league champions can get trophies their homes forever and feel pride throughout their life.

·  It is a one-time investment and available at cheaper rates.

·  We have to buy single year trophies each year,so we tend to spend less or small amount on it. Therefore, it has less glamour and smaller size compared to the perpetual trophy.

· Chances are less that you can find customisation option in single year trophies.

Perpetual Trophy · It is a cheaper option because we use the same trophy years-after-years and one-time buying cost is shared among the participating members.

· Large size and incredible design is possible.

· The possibility of customisation remains.

· It adds a sense of tradition in the league.

· It also encourages league participation.

· Due to size, customisation, and other factors, perpetual trophy proves a costly affair against single year trophy.

· Constant care of trophy by winning members to make it long lasting is daunting.

· Engraving the name of the new winner each year is a painful process.


Reviews of Three (3) Best Perpetual & Yearly Fantasy Football Trophies

There are dozens of perpetual and yearly fantasy football trophies known in the market, but tops are following three trophies.

#1: Fantasy Armchair Quarter Back Perpetual Trophy

It is one of the most favouriteperpetual trophies among the fantasy commissioners thanks to following outstanding offerings come with it.

·  It is a big size trophy representing true soul of football by designing a figurine of football champion rests in an armchair.

·  It has a one-foot tall long-lasting oak base stand with room for the engraving of 36 years league champions.

·  It comes with four plats engraved for free of charge

·  It features a copper-coloured quarterback in an armchair and a figurine rests on it made up of cast urethane compound.

·  Hand-paintedbronze figurineand armchair bring uniqueness for your league trophy.

·  Thus, the trophy is sturdy, durable, and somewhat heavy.


#2: SDL Chrome Football Perpetual Trophy

It is from SDL awards line offers the most with customisation abilities.

·   It is 16 inches tall,and embedded chrome football is of life-size.

·   It allows engraving of the logo at front and rests of sides are spared for 24 listing of league champions.

·   If you are devoid of own logo, you have six options to choosefrom.

·   Of course, it offers to engrave of three previous champs for free of charge and a bottle opener.

·   It has a coating to resist any scratch on the surface,so it has the durability of appearance.


#3: FFL Silver Tower Single Year Trophy

It is an excellent choice when you decide to go with a single year fantasy trophy for your league.

·  It stands tall with 9.5 inches height. Thus, it has big size against the price you pay.

·  It was designed to get an extension by attaching it with a perpetual base and turn into perpetual trophy if needed with customisation ability.

·  It has solid and durable construction.

·  Its texture can hide possible dings and abrasions.

·  It has the small and simple design of football make it glamorous.




Where Can You Buy a Fantasy Football Trophy in Australia?

There are brick-and-mortar outlets in various cities of Australia, which are best hubs to touch, see, and feel the samples of fantasy football trophies in different varieties including single year and perpetual offerings.

However, face-to-face shopping has some limitations,but you can gain the most benefits by combining F2F shopping experiences with online dealing. You can check the websites of Olympia where you will have enough options to make a perfect selection according to your needs and budget.

Olympia offers the convenience of online and mobile buying as well as allows you to compare the prices and other aspects with other merchants it is the leading trophy shop Sydney. In fact, a physical store never can present such unlimited varieties and options to check and buy.



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