Understand The Use of Google Data Studio for Client Reporting


Seeking great results or working on providing remarkable reports both are different. Working on client’s reports to demonstrate what you have done for them or what effort you have put to grow their business is an essential but time-taking task. Many marketers probably think that client reporting is a necessary evil that takes lots of time in its preparation. But the reality is creating and distributing your reports is one of the essential and valuable tasks for your clients and yourself.

What do you understand by client-reporting?

Client reporting provides better chances to develop and mend the relation between your clients and agencies. By using smart reporting, you can show your client how hard you are working for enhancing their market results. Let’s have a look at two different aspects of client reporting.

  • Manual reporting: Time-consuming to make a report on your own but a good method to demonstrate the right analysis through the right platform.
  • Automated reporting: Time-saving task but work under limited functions that don’t allow clients to understand the story behind the numbers.

All kind of issues is handle with Data studio which provides an ideal platform for the creation of data reporting without compromising the important context and insights. Before going deep into how Google data studio for making strong client-relationship, discuss the requirements of client reporting.

Requirements of client-reporting for better professional relationship

  • It allows you to provide better interaction with your client on the regular bases.
  • Your client will get understand what are you doing for them through client-reporting.
  • You show your accountability for your clients by updating them through reports.
  • By providing timely reports, you able to maintain transparency in your relationships.
  • You can get all your credits via client-reporting.

Working for any client totally depends on results, and reports are the best way to show that results.

Use of Google Data Studio for client-reporting

Probably, Data studio shares an ultimate platform to create essential reports, there is another step to transfer data into a story. These stories allow clients to take the right decisions like twisting the strategy, approving news resources, or retaining your services. To get clear ideas of Data Studios, understand its functionality and capabilities.

  1. Able to develop customized Dashboards

Data Studio helps you to create a customized dashboard that is one of the most key benefits of Data Studio. With the help of customized dashboards, you will able to match the client’s expectations and show them the essential key performance indicators of their brands.

These dashboards allow you to share your reports across various levels that include internal marketing teams, campaign directors, and other level executives. It seems unimportant but proper alignment in reports is also required which makes a huge difference. Many clients provide a positive response when they find recognition of their brand in the reports.

  1. Collect information and data from various sources

We know Google Analytics is a widely used data source nowadays but it does not allow us to combine information. Data Studio provides users to combine data from multiple platforms. You can easily import your data from other online marketing platforms such as social media, Amazon, Google Ads, etc.

To track the sales process under any campaign, you can importfrom SalesForce and other client relation management tools using connectors. This is an essential for those clients who offer services to get a prolonged sales process. It happens that today your marketing efforts may not be helpful for converting your leads into business for months. But tracking and creating reports on that leads will provide the correct narrative that you present to your clients. With the help of these reports, your clients can get the ideas where they need to focus to improve the sale process.

  • Get customizedata ranges

With the help of Data studio, you will able to add data range segments to your reports resulting in an enhanced view of historical data. When you use the data compare tool, youcan compare your metrics with the previous data that could be any day, week, months or any and the data will be reflected in your chart or table.

This tool covers the clients whose business depends on seasons. For example, a person who sells winter clothes doesn’t want data comparison of months from April to July but will find valuable insights by comparing those particulars to the previous year.

  • Additions of various filters and segments

Another great point of having data studio in your list is that it allows you to add various segments and filters in your dashboard. You can use device, channel or user types to display metrics so that your reports sound more relevant for your clients.

Data studio with available tools allows you to get a better understanding of your work. By adding segmenting data in your channel or campaign, you can easily demonstrate the different aspects of your marketing strategy in which you can represent which part needs attention and which section works effectively.

  • Able to produce geographic and demographic data

Using data studio, you can add various insights to your reports from platforms such as Google Analytics. Many clients could not get the idea of how to analyse geographic areas that shows different visitors to their website. Instead of it, a simple map in Data Studio helps to realize from where the majority of their potential customers are coming.

Moreover, adding simple pie charts on your client reports offer the classification of your target audience on the basis of age, device, gender, or days of the week. This will help you to provide insights in a clean and simple manner so that your clients can go with actionable takeaways.

  • Pay attention to Clients’ Key PerformanceIndicators (KPIs)

Data Studio allows you to pinpoint the dimensions and metrics that are crucial for creating the bottom line to your report. Despite presenting a client report from Google Analytics, take a step ahead and show how they can get the revenue by creating a page report in Data Studio displaying metrics from organic search.

When you pay attention to needed KPIs that matter to your clients, you will able to build a strong and right narrative in your report. This will also show your marketing efforts that impact their bottom lines. Due to this, all unnecessary things will get eliminated and keeping all important things on the main focus.

  1. Help togoal pacing charts

Every year many clients make specific goals to achieve their revenue target or conversion of leads into business. Using Data Studio, you can create tables and charts to show clients how they can achieve their goals by present real-time information.When you are working on a market strategy, you just need to understand every section of your strategy so that you can focus on the right area.

This perspicacity plays a major role to your clients (as a brand) as well as to you (as a marketer). This will provide the ability to measure the success of each campaign and offer you greater flexibility for your market strategythat best suits your client.With the help of necessary data points, you will help you to educate your clients on why you select certain aspects of the tactics and move away from others.

  • Overcome some restrictions because of Data Studio

When you choose Google Analytics and other platforms to gather information and add to a single dashboard, you will face some restrictions for data sources, dimensions, views, and metrics. With the help of Data Studio, you don’t have to worry about these restrictions and able to include all the viable data points as these points are important to your client’s business and overall marketing tactics.

  1. Manage report sharing

Like Google Doc, Data studio allows you to share your reports with your clients easily. To get a smooth work process, you have the option of either add their email or send them a link or need a sign-in to access the report. Or, you can go for export to PDF or choose to publish your report on another website with the help of iframe and can keep all client’s communication in one place.

  • Proper adjustment in reports as per the required changes

The main important element of Data Studio that it allows you to change your dashboards according to changes in clients’ business requirements.Let take an example to understand this point clear that when you start your communication with your client, your focus is on building brand awareness. Then, you would configure your dashboard to show your data based on impressions, discussions, and social shares.

Though, your client will pay more attention to revenue or lead conversion throughout your next engagement with still maintaining his focus on brand building. In such cases, the data studio works like magic in which you can make required changes in present dashboards. You also have options to add new pages, charts, and tables to your reports to show new goals and metrics.

Finally, we can interpret from the whole discussion that Data Studio provides endless customization over other reporting and data visualization. It has the ability to show what is important to your clients what is important for their market strategy by highlighting the impacts also to present future expectations.

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