Discover the World’s Weirdest Fetishes


Most people occasionally wonder whether their own kinks and fetishes are a little on the weird side. We all have different fetishes and things that turn us on, which are often completely different from those of other people.

Nevertheless, there are certain human beings on this planet for whom kinks take on an entirely unexpected guise. On one hand, it’s true to say that variety is the spice of life and it would be a very boring world ifeverybody was exactly the same. On the other, there are some kinks and fetishes – surprisingly common ones too – that never fail to have you questioning the fate of humanity as a whole.

On the plus side, they do at least make you feel a little better about the kinds of weird and wonderful things you like to get up to behind closed doors!

So for anyone wondering whether or not their own personal proclivities in the bedroom are questionable at best, here’s a brief rundown of some of the most bizarre fetishes from around the world:


You honestly wouldn’t believe how popular and sometimes creative this fetish is. Sploshing refers to a kink that involves individuals getting completely naked and filming themselves sitting on cakes. In some instances, it’s the individual sitting on the cake that has the fetish – the feeling of sitting on the cake apparently getting them off. In others, people are willing to pay good sums of money to watch other people squash cakes with their bare backsides. One of the funniest things about the whole kink being that those who take part tend to be extremely picky and meticulous when it comes to which types of cakes they are and are not willing to sit on!


As far as disgusting fetishes go, this ranks right up there with the best/worst of them. A report hit the headlines back in 2014 of a British man who had repeatedly being caught stark naked rolling in cow slurry at a nearby farm. The owners of the farm became so annoyed with his antics that they eventually had him arrested for trespassing. But that wasn’t until he had been getting his kicks in cow-muck for eight long years!

Rollercoaster Wedding

There’s a relatively rare phenomenon known as ‘objectum sexual’ which involves people developing romantic and sexual feelings for inanimate objects.  Some taking their kinks to extremes over and above others, such as a lady by the name of Linda who married a roller-coaster. Bizarre enough, but prior to this she had also been in long-term relationships with an aeroplane and a train!

Sex with Cars

Relatively similar though surprisingly common, there are CCTV accounts from all over the world of men for some reason getting their rocks off with automobiles. Which in many instances don’t happen to be their own automobiles. Exactly where the attraction exists for those who run their penises all over parked cars or shove them into the petrol caps really is a mystery to all of us.


Perhaps the single most common fetish on the list, furries tend to hang out in relatively large communities, donning animal costumes to engage in weird and wonderful sexual activities. From Tony the Tiger to Winnie the Pooh to Mickey Mouse, no cute and cuddly character is safe from the furries!


For some reason, thousands of people are turned on in a big way by the process of inflating and popping balloons. Quite often doing so with naked body parts, though many simply find the smell and feel of latex balloons incredibly sexy.  To such an extent that they have difficulty controlling themselves when they find themselves out and about in public in the presence of balloons. Apparently, the suspense of not knowing when and where the balloon might pop is just too much for some!


On a slightly more disgusting note, there are some people who find the tickling sensation of insects on their skin arousing in the extreme. Officially referred to as ‘Formicophilia’, those who prefer these kinds of sexual encounters unsurprisingly have difficulties tracking down others willing to go along with whatever it is they have in mind. Some are massively into the idea of maggots doing their business, while others prefer everything from cockroaches to spiders. Definitely a kink to mention ahead of time!


Last but not least, some of the world’s biggest Internet pornography sites have recently reported the most enormous increase in demand for Coulrophilia.  Which is, if you haven’t already heard of it, a sexual obsession with scary clowns. Most people find scary clowns scary. Those in the Coulrophilia camp find nothing sexier. Once again, and for entirely obvious reasons, it’s probably best to discuss Coulrophilia out in the open with any prospective partner, rather than simply bursting out of the wardrobe and giving them a heart attack!


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