Important Considerations for a Future Lisbon Escort


There’s a huge and enormous difference between wondering what it must be like to work as an escort in Lisbon and actually becoming an escort. These days, the market for Lisbon escorts is stronger and more diverse than it has ever been. Essentially meaning that anyone with a genuine interest in becoming an escort has the opportunity to do exactly that.

The question being – is it a good idea?

Realistically, there’s no simple answer to the question. Just as not everyone is cut out to be an IT engineer, the life of the escort isn’t for everyone.

Lisbon Escorts – Asking the Experts

Contrary to popular belief, comparatively few escorts in Lisbon would ever tell you that the industry is 100% perfect and not without its downsides. Nor would they state blindly that working as an escort is a good idea for everyone.

Due to the nature of the industry, there are obviously certain risks and plenty of misconceptions as to how it all goes down. The long and short of it being that if you’re genuinely interested in becoming an escort, you need to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages before going any further.

The Money Myth

For example, it’s no secret that many escorts join the industry primarily for the money. There’s no shame in admitting that with potentially huge sums of money to be made, it’s a strong motivator for most. The only problem being that if you expect to earn a fortune in a short period of time, you need to think twice about becoming an escort.

Working as an escort – even in a city like Lisbon – does not represent a fast-track option for making a fortune. For one thing, it’s highly unlikely you’ll attract any particularly high-paying clients during those early months or even years. Competition is enormous and you’ll need to build a reputation and a following before you can realistically expect to start earning big. Not only this, but most escorts spend about 80% of their time focusing on things like marketing, preparation and the general admin/business side of the profession. Which only leaves 20% of their time available to earn money.

The thing is, working as an escort really can open the door to limitless earnings.  But as is the case in other industries and professions, you can’t realistically expect to jump straight in at the top level. You have to work your way up.  Nevertheless, countless escorts get started with entirely unrealistic expectations, quitting after a few months due to their disappointing earnings.

If you want to make it to the big time, you need to give it as much time as necessary.

Your Own Boss

Working as an escort also demands the kind of discipline and common sense to operate as your own boss. On the surface, becoming your own boss sounds like the kind of thing everyone would like to do. In reality, not everyone is cut out to take complete control of their career and general business dealings. Even if you work with an agency, nobody is going to tell you what to do or hand success to you on a silver platter. Working as an escort represents running a business just like any other, with all the usual administrative, promotional, logistical and accountancy responsibilities.

Working completely independently isn’t something everyone is capable of.All the fun and games of becoming and working as an escort may be augmented by the inevitable demands of running a business.The only difference in this instance being that you’re running what can often be an incredibly enjoyable and lucrative business. Still, you cannot join the industry with the expectation of everything taking care of itself by magic, leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy yourself. Escorts are businesswomen, not just party girls.

Risk Vs Reward

Contrary to popular belief, STD rates among escorts are actually slightly lower than those of the general population. The reason being that while most people have the occasional accident or make occasional bad decisions in the bedroom, escorts aren’t so careless. It’s not only their health and wellbeing that are on the line, but also their careers. Contract an STD even once and your career as an escort could be over. Most people like to consider themselves relatively careful when it comes to STDs – professional escorts take health and safety to extremes.

Of course, there are other risks attached to the escort industry that need to be taken into account. One of which being the potential to find yourself in the company of unpleasant, aggressive or downright dangerous clients. Those who provide their services through established escort agencies almost never find themselves in dangerous situations. By contrast, escorts who take on clients with no real screening or prior consideration may walk directly into trouble.

Over time, professional escorts come to know exactly how to handle themselves in absolutely any situation they’re likely to encounter. They have the confidence, the common sense and the resources to both stay out of trouble and deal with trouble when it occurs. Nevertheless, the very nature of the industry is such that there are no guarantees you won’t find yourself behind a locked door with someone you’d rather avoid. So once again, it’s unrealistic to expect every encounter to be the same champagne-filled luxury evening of your dreams.

The Identity Issue

Last but not least, anyone considering becoming an escort in Lisbon needs to think extremely carefully about the identity issue. Specifically, how the consequences could potentially affect your life should it ever become public knowledge that you are working or have worked as an escort. Despite the fact that much of the taboo attached to the escort industry is beginning to dissipate, there’s still a certain amount of stigma that isn’t going anywhere. For example, employers who find out their employees or prospective candidates previously worked as escorts can immediately show them the door, should they wish to do so. Likewise, friends and family discovering the true profession of a loved one don’t always react as positively or rationally as you might expect. Some escorts flaunt what they do to the entire world with nothing but pride, others are simply terrified at the thought of anyone finding out what they do.

If you yourself fall into the latter bracket, you need to think extremely carefully as to whether or not escorting is for you. Realistically, the likelihood of your identity remaining 100% secret for the duration of your working life is somewhere close to zero. It’s not as if working as an escort means keeping yourself hidden away from public view and wearing a mask to hide your true identity. If anything, it’s the exact opposite – you’re constantly promoting yourself, getting your face out and about and attempting to build something of a reputation. Sooner or later therefore, it’s more than likely somebody outside your professional circles will work out what’s going on. If you can handle the consequences of this happening, no problem. If others finding out you work as an escort would be in any way detrimental to your life, it may not be the profession for you.



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