When do teenagers usually experience sex for the first time?


The information that children in the sixth grade are sexually active shocked the public, but also surprised the experts who work with young people, as their knowledge shows that teenagers enter their first relationships no sooner than at the end of primary school. Experts say that from year to year, children are becoming increasingly mature and active, and point out that parents, busy with work, do not notice changes in their children. Children are most often attracted to their first intimate relationships by curiosity, a belief that it is love, and even a sincere desire to prove themselves.

– We talk about sex entirely openly, and this is not a forbidden topic for us. However, as much as we are talking, I don’t know what can be going through their heads. Many movies are available to children today, and they certainly get the wrong picture of sex. It’s too early for my children to have sex, because at their age, it’s a matter of proving, and I think they are aware of that as well – says a mother who also notes that children do not understand what it means to be in a serious relationship, nor what consequences it entails.

As much as parents talk to their children, it happens that some of them experience their first sexual experience before graduation in primary school. Parents are shocked to discover that children, regardless of age, are interested in sex or have already had such experience. With the spread of the internet, today’s kids are also able to play certain best free sex games, which no matter how interesting and exciting they are, they are still made solely for the adults.

– A study from a few years ago showed that seven percent of seventh grade and eighth grade students are involved in sexual intercourse in primary school, and 14 percent in the first year of high school. It is possible that the border has shifted down and that they start having sex earlier, but it is still referred to a small percentage of children. It is a shocking fact that it also happens in the sixth grade, especially when it is known that the average age when girls get their first period, which is considered to be the end of puberty, is 13 and a half years. They don’t realize that having real sex is not as harmless as playing free porn games – they say in the Youth Counseling Center.

Some counseling and school workshops are also intended for parents. The case that shocked the public shows that, despite all the workshops, which have been done with children since the fourth grade and conversations with their parents, young people still become interested in sex earlier as the time goes. Experience in practice shows that sometimes, at that age, an unwanted pregnancy is already occurring. At the Special Gynecological Clinic, they recently told the press that the youngest girls who are coming for abortion are 13 or 14 years old.


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