Miss Arkansas Savvy Shields Miss America 2017


Miss Arkansas Savvy Shields Miss America 2017

Miss Arkansas beat around 51 competition’s contestant to win this title, succeeding the outgoing Miss America Betty Cantrell it was the best moment of her life to win this title.

During the talent portion shields took home the crown with jazz routine, who won her the introduction talent contest previously in this week.

In question answer round, she was asked about independent presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. She answer question beautifully.

During the Sunday live show there were not any accidental, the Miss America 2017 Pageant did set a new record: Arkansas now has its third winner since the pageant began in 1921. So it’s really a big achievement for her.

She said her life thinking is that to believe her best day is still yet to come and that motivate her to do best work. And that confidence clearly paid off big time for the wannabe beyond backup dancer when she won this year’s crown along with a $50,000 college scholarship.

Also raking some scholarship loot were the fight runners up, who get more than just the relief prize pack of flowers to take home with them tonight:

  • First: Miss South Carolina, Rachel Wyatt
  • Second: Miss New York, Camille Sims
  • Third: Miss Washington, Alicia Cooper
  • Fourth: Miss Mississippi, Laura Lee Lewis

Miss America, will return to the University of Arkansas for senior studying art. She said she would love to work in a museum and teach at a collegiate level, she said about her plans for future projects.

The top 10 finalist were: Kentucky; Washington; Massachusetts; Arkansas; South Carolina; Idaho; Iowa; Texas; California; Oklahoma.

While doing a press conference after the ceremonial, she thanked her family and fans, using a question about her Q & A portion to expand on her views about America’s political environment.

She said “Our country was founded on compromise” she also said that “I really think we are in a state now where both parties seems to just be yelling at each other, she hope that by the end of year, we are starting to reward politicians on compromising as an alternative of just defensive themselves.”



Judges also praised Shields and congratulated her on her win, all were celebrity including, Heidi Klum Mark Cuban, Gabby Douglas and Ciara celebrate with her.

Cuban Said: “I have two daughters ….. I think it’s very important for them to have role models who are confident and savvy.”



Ciara Said: “It’s awesome as a women to see you get this moment, “I Just encourage you to enjoy this moment, as when great things like this happen, they can sometime pass you by.””

As per Shields, “Media has sensationalized the overall campaign so that it was really hard to tell what is scandals and what is truth afterwards, both these candidates have done a great job, but they also needs to watch what they are actually doing”


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