Buying a Pink Diamond – All you Need to Know

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Sophisticated, extravagant and rare, pink australian Diamond Company are highly coveted by jewellery lovers and collectors all over the world. However, in recent years pink diamond engagement rings have made headlines in record-breaking auctions and often adorned by the world’s most famous celebrities. If you are mesmerised by the colour of this diamond and want to buy, you are at the right place for advice.

Here I will outline some factors you need to know about pink diamonds before making that big purchase.

  • Very Expensive

Among the range of natural coloured diamonds, pink diamonds stand out as a prestigious and pricey stone. As said earlier they can be seen on the hands of Hollywood celebrities and other wealthy people, linking them to luxury. Pink precious stones have also established a connection in the greatest and most well-known auction houses, for example, Christie’s and Sotheby’s and can cost from many thousand dollars per carat. Why are pink diamonds expensive? The answer to this lies in how uncommon the stone is and how difficult it is to find a high-quality one. As per GIA, of millions of diamonds mined each year, only 0.001% are pink diamonds achieving the top grades of intense and vivid.

  • Mysterious Colour Origin

All diamonds are assessed based on the 4 main attributes-the colour, cut, clarity and carat weight. However, for assessment of coloured diamonds, the most important element is the colour. Coloured diamonds get their hues from the trace elements present in them during the formation. Specific elements impart specific colours, for, example, nitrogen forms yellow colour and boron forms blue, but no similar impurities have been found in pink diamonds. The hue of pink diamonds is still a mystery, while other coloured diamonds colour origin is known, nobody exactly knows what caused the pink colour in a pink diamond. However, certain scientific evidence such as plastic deformation is behind the origin of pink colour. It is believed that the rough diamonds are subjected to stress and strain when they are in the Earth’s mantle causing the lattice distortion which creates graining and pink colour zones.

  • Colour Combination

Pink coloured diamonds are graded on a scale from faint pink to fancy deep and the most valuable among pink diamonds are those that have the most intense and purest pink colour. However, pink diamonds are often found with secondary hues as well. These include purple, orange, red and brownish purple. You can find overwhelming rage of pink diamonds colour combination at Australian Diamond Company.

  • Grading

As said in the point above pink diamonds are graded from faint to intense, this grading is done by GIA. However, most of the pink diamonds are mined from Argyle mine in Australia so they have a different grading system. The hue, tone and saturation are taken into account while grading the diamonds. According to these three factors, pink diamonds are graded into Purplish Pink, Pink, Pink Rose, Pink Champagne and Blue Violet and the rarest Red. The most intense pinks have a grading of 1 and the lightest of the colour being graded at 9 such as in Purplish Pink the grading is done 1PP for the most intense colour and 2PP, 3PP, 4PP until 9PP for the lightest colour. Similarly, all colours are graded except Pink Champaign, Blue Violet and Red. Pink Champaign is graded as PC1 for light colour and PC3 for intense and similar to Blue Violet.

  • Evaluating the Cut

When it comes to evaluating the cut of pink diamonds, it is not evaluated the way as for colourless stones. Reason being, coloured diamonds are not cut with proportions that maximise brilliance and sparkle as these characteristics are secondary to fancy coloured stones. Instead, coloured diamonds are cut to maximise colour intensity. So when you are looking to buy pink diamonds, you should first look at the colour of the stones and then consider the brilliance.

  • The Value

As pink coloured diamonds are one of the rarest diamonds, there is no surprise that prices will make your jaw drop. The value of pink diamonds varies according to the colour combination of the stone. Purplish pink diamonds command higher value while brownish pink is much more affordable. The rarest and expensive is the red one in this genre. As a rule, the price goes ups with the colour intensity and the pink diamonds that are graded intense or vivid and very valuable. Also, the price rises exponentially in relation to carat size.

  • Affordable Option

Since natural pink coloured diamonds are very rare and expensive, many jewellers offer artificially coloured stones that are more affordable. These synthetic or lab-created diamonds are optically, chemically and physically similar to natural mined diamonds. The only difference being that they were created in a tightly controlled lab by scientists in short duration of time and not been subjected to heat, pressure and irradiation. These lab created diamonds are much more affordable than their natural counterparts and are normally priced at around 5% of the price of natural ones. So buying these diamonds is an affordable option if you do not have much money to spend and still want to enjoy the luxury of pink diamonds. However, if you are on a lookout to buy the natural one, always check the certificate of the diamond to ensure whether it is natural or synthetic as well as whether the diamond has been treated to alter the colour.


  • Enhanced Pink Diamonds

Unlike synthetic alternatives, the enhanced diamond is a stone that has been altered to change its hue in order to improve its physical appearance and characteristics. Pink diamonds are subjected to irradiation to enhance its optical properties, another method is laser drilling which is done for clarity enhancement and also to remove the carbon inclusions within the diamonds. Fracture filling is also done which diminishes internal cracks of diamond. The enhanced pink diamonds are sold at a lower price as compared to untreated ones.

Where to Buy Pink Diamonds?

I recommend buying pink diamonds at Australian Diamond Company in Melbourne as they have various intensities of pink diamonds to choose from and are one of the most reputable jewellers.



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