How to Achieve Your Dream of Professional Motorcycle Racing

motorcycle bike racing

Motorcycle riding is as challenging as it is thrilling and exciting, which is probably why most of the people don’t choose to do it for a living. Despite its unconventional nature, more and more people are warming up to the idea of motorcycle racing as a profession. However, since the field is relatively new and unexplored, most people are unaware of how to make it big as a pro motorcycle racer.

While you may be an excellent rider, you can only feel the pressure of the professional world once you enter a competitive environment. In order to harness your skills, you must not shy away from taking part in more and more racing competitions. You can also improve your skill by participating in events organized by individual manufacturers; these companies provide the rider with a race-prepared motorcycle, as well as a team of mechanics, and allow you to have the complete professional racing experience.

Ultimately, not everyone has raw talent, some need to work harder than others, but if you’re really passionate about the activity, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Choose the perfect ride

Different riders have different riding styles and techniques; they also have varying preferences when it comes to choosing a motorcycle. Along with its performance, it is also important to check the motorcycle’s compatibility with your riding style and body type. Since competitive racing is a highly stressful activity, you would want to choose a ride which makes you feel comfortable and does not put any kind of stress on your body. The perfect ride must enhance your body posture and not hinder your basic riding actions.  Also, it’s a good idea to safeguard your bike by fitting the essential bike accessories before you set out to achieve your dreams.

Maintain your physique

You cannot compete with the best of the lot unless you are in good physical condition. Immense core strength, flexibility and a high level of concentration are all equally important in motorcycle riding. Without core strength, it would become impossible for a rider to be on the motorcycle for hours and perform the rigorous actions of turning or braking suddenly.

These features can only be built with regular exercise; some riders also prefer yoga for building their level of concentration. The intense and strenuous activity requires you to have a good body posture as well, in order to avoid any kind of damage or injury to the back. A good body posture is also the result of regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Have the right kind of attitude

Like every other sport, motorcycle racing is also a platform for business for many people — like managers, sponsors, and recruiters. Therefore, along with your skill, you must also work on being more appealing to these people.

Managers and recruiters care about your passion and dedication as much as they do about your talent. They want individuals who have a positive attitude and are willing to work harder; they want someone who is easy to work with. Moreover, they care about the presence of an X-factor — which makes you stand out, and thereby, worthy of their time.

Focus on what’s important and be passionate

The world of motorcycle riding can also be quite glamorous, which ends up being a distraction for many. Experts have pointed out how, in the past, many riders with a lot of potentials went astray because they started caring more about fame and less about performance. This trend is more noticeable among older riders who have witnessed the glamorous side of the racing world. When faced with such luring prospects, you must not lose focus on your goals, and always remember your original objective of winning races and becoming a world-class rider.

As rightly said by Annie, THE KHAKI CLAD RENEGADE ” If you do something that you’re passionate about, and you love it and it just becomes your world, nothing else matters. That is something that no one will ever take away from you.”
So, even though motorcycle racing has not yet become a part of the mainstream like other sports such as cricket and football, still you are passionate about it and crave to be a professional motorcycle rider, then all these other factors should not hinder your success.


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