Why There is an Increase in the Need for Male Breast Reduction Surgery?


Do you know Gynecomastia surgery in India is the rapidly growing procedure? More men are choosing the breast reduction surgery these days and even the studies have claimed the increase of36% in the male breast reduction surgery by the year2012. Thus, this question will have definitely knocked your door of the brain that what are the reasons behind this increase so let us study the reasons responsible for the upward trend of gynecomastia surgery but before that let us understand all about Gynecomastia.

What is gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the condition in males due to which men have the enlarged breasts that appear like females. In this condition the male breasts tissues get enlarged and have a feminine appearance, this condition is also known as man boobs or moobs.

It is a condition that hit the masculine or macho feeling of males so it is a most embarrassing condition for the men. They consider it as the direct hit for their self-esteem and confidence along with personality.

Causes for gynecomastia surgery

It is important to understand the reason of their embarrassing condition so that it could be prevented however the director individual cause of this condition could not be found but there are some factors as follows that can lead to increase in size of men boobs.

  • This condition of male boobs can also be caused due to hormonal imbalance in males, it means the men who have disturbed level of estrogen and testosterone they could become a victim of this problem as these both imbalanced hormones lead to enlarged size of the mammary gland. This imbalance of hormones can be due to some medications, genetics or due to some drug usage.
  • Some males have this problem since there adolescence age as in this age after puberty there can be a temporary increase in the level of the breast tissue which can lead to this problem however it can go away after few years in most of the cases but in some cases it lasts for longer years. Moreover, the middle age men can also suffer from this condition as in this age testosterone production can get slowed down, as a result, they have enlarged breast tissue.
  • Drug abuse, excessive intake of alcohol, heroin or other drugs can also contribute to this condition of male boobs.

What is a male reduction or gynecomastia surgery?

Male reduction surgeries are basically of three types as follows

  1. The type first involves the liposuction surgery which is generally performed for the patients that have a lot of extra loose skin or fatty deposit underlying the boobs. In this surgical method, two incisions are made one is to infuse the numbing medicine and other is to remove the fatty deposit with the help of thin tube called a cannula. It is a safe and effective procedure that can reduce the size of breasts per the requirement of the patient. In this type of surgery patients are advised to wear the compression garment after surgery to support the tissues heal and even are recommended to avoid the heavy or intense exercise for few weeks after surgery.
  2. The second type of surgery is performed for the patients who have enlarged breasts, not due to the excessive deposit beneath the breasts; this option involves the tissue incision. In this surgical option glandular tissue of the breast has been removed to give the desired shape breasts to males. This procedure has many similarities with the females’ breast reduction surgery. For this procedure general anesthesia has been given to patient and patient is advised for rest for at least one week after the surgery.
  • The third type of male breast reduction surgery is the combination of the above two types of surgeries means for some patients both tissue incision and liposuction procedures are combined to give the desired optimized results. It is the best option for the patients who have the larger glandular tissue and even the fatty deposit.

Is there any risk involved in the Gynecomastia surgery?

Gynecomastia surgery is the safe and minimally invasive procedure that can give the positive outcomes to males with enlarged breasts, but like other surgeries, there can be some risks or side effects involved in the surgery like infection or bleeding during or after the surgery. Some patients also feel mild pain after the surgery, but all these problems get vanished in a few days. In very rare cases there can be a risk of nipple damage or loss of nipple sensation during the surgery but if you have chosen the efficient and experienced surgeon then there is no need to worry about any kind of risk or side effect.

Why more and more men are choosing gynecomastia?

These days rapid increase has been noticed in the men with Gynecomastia that they are choosing their options to get the desired and masculine breasts. This upward trend can be basically two major reasons as follows

  1. Initially, as we discussed above that in this Gynecomastia condition male could have the enlarged and swollen boobs that appear more like females so it is the embarrassing condition for men. this condition dent the inner confidence, self-esteem and masculine feeling and even become the reason for stress and anxiety for the men that is why they want to get rid of this condition and choose surgical procedures so that they can live with their macho.
  1. Secondly, these days cosmetic procedures including breast reduction or liposuction have become minimally invasive and highly effective due to advanced techniques. Thus it is also the prominent reasons that men choose surgical options as they know that they can get the desired safe and optimized results with these options.

Apart from the above major reasons, there is one more reason for the increase in the demand of Gynecomastia surgery as the Gynecomastia surgery cost in India is quite reasonable so the patients can get the desired standardized results within their budget that is why they choose to have the desired macho breasts corrected with the surgical procedures.


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