Everything you Need to Know about Anti Wrinkle Injections and IPL Hair Removal in Melbourne


We, humans, are emotional expressive beings and nothing shows more expression than our faces. The expressions are caused by the movements of the facial muscles which contract and cause folds in the skin like when we smile, the skin near the mouth creases and when we are angry or frown the skin on the forehead and in-between the eyebrows crease. However, when the face is relaxed, these lines also relax, but the collagen which is the structuring component of the skin diminishes leaving the lines back. Unfortunately, these lines only get deeper as we age.

In this modern time who doesn’t want to look younger and have a fresher and brighter looking skin and erase those fatigue, stress and worry lines. Many people consider photo facials done on IPL machine, or undertake microdermabrasion or anti-wrinkle injections at some point. However, they are not sure how it will work for them and with using anti-wrinkle injections they believe that they will end up with a frozen face and won’t be able to make facial expressions, however, this is just a myth.

The other most sought-after treatment method is the removal of the unwanted body and facial hair with IPL laser technology. This is due to the fact that most traditional methods of hair removal such as shaving, waxing, tweezing and epilator are temporary, painful and time-consuming as well as cause side effects. IPL laser hair removal is deemed the most effective means of removing those unwanted hair and it saves time (usually spent trying to manoeuvre yourself into the best position to access the body area) and money (those hair removal creams and razors can rack up fairly quickly).

Here I will walk you through both these process and the things you need to know before taking the treatment as well as where to go for the best treatment.

I will explain about Anti-Wrinkle Injections first and then move on to IPL Hair Removal.

  • What are Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

These injections are prescription medicines used to improve the appearance of wrinkles and lines on a temporary basis. These injections can improve moderate to severe dynamic wrinkles and fine lines, however, they are only used to treat those wrinkles that appear when you smile, laugh, talk or frown. Anti-wrinkle injections smooth out wrinkles for a rejuvenated and younger looking skin.

  • The Working of Ant-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections use Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox) which is a safe toxin which is also used in the medical field to treat various medical conditions. For lifting up the wrinkles, it is injected into the muscles to relax them thus resulting in wrinkle-free, smooth skin. The brain sends a signal to the facial muscles causing movements and in turn wrinkles and when the injection is applied to the muscles, it blocks the chemical signals that the brain sends to muscles for contraction. This means that when the brain says squint, the muscles say that I can’t hear you. In effect, the treatment relaxes and lifts the muscles softening the wrinkles giving a tighter and smoother appearance.

  • How Long it Takes to Work?

The effect of anti-wrinkle injections treatment is usually seen within 3-4 days but can also take up to 10 days for the maximum effect. The effect of the treatment generally last for three to four months, but with regular treatment, it may be possible to reduce the dosage.

  • How Many Injections Needed?

The number of injections required varies from person to person, depending on the strength of the muscle and the existing lines and wrinkles. It is best to see a certified cosmetic injector just like the ones in Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre for a consultation so that you know exactly how many injections you would need. Usually 50 units between the brows, 14-30 units on the forehead and 8-20 units for crow’s feet per side. These are just the general guidelines and some clients may need more than this or less.

  • Will my Face look Frozen?

No, anti-wrinkle injections are administered by an expert while considering your face shape and structure, therefore injecting a certain amount of product needed for subtle and natural results. The frozen appearance can occur only in case of over-treatment.

Anti-wrinkle injections offer refreshed, renewed and more youthful looking skin and it is unlikely that anyone will recognise you have undergone a procedure.

Now let’s move on to IPL hair removal

  • The Working of IPL Hair Removal

IPL hair removal machine is used for the procedure and it emits energy in the form of light which through a handheld device is targeted onto the skin. The melanin in the hair absorbs the light converting it into heat which travels down the hair destroying the roots and interconnectors connecting it to blood supply thus destroying the hair follicle and preventing the growth of more hair only after few treatment sessions. The light affects specific structures of the hair and follicle leaving the surrounding skin untouched.

  • Why Numbers of Treatment Session?

The numbers of treatment are required because the IPL laser works only on the hair that is in the anagen or growth phase. The hair grows in 4 phases of the growth cycle namely anagen, catagen, telogen and exogen and every hair is at a different stage of the growth cycle in a given time. This is why numbers of treatment sessions are required so that IPL laser can catch all the hair. The number of treatment sessions required depends on the area to be treated, skin type and hair density. It is better to consult an aesthetician to know about the number of treatment sessions.

Usually, 6-10 sessions are needed to be done 2-3 weeks apart to achieve the desired results.

  • Does it Hurt?

Hair removal with IPL machine is a non-invasive procedure without any pain or side effects, however, it will feel like a rubber band snapping on the skin. The laser is in constant motion, so the sensation will not linger on and pain is kept to a minimum. The intensity of this feeling will be determined by skin type and area to be treated, the sensitive areas include armpits, face and bikini line. It is recommended that you avoid things that can increase the sensitivity such as caffeine and avoid sun exposure.

  • Who are the Best Candidates for IPL Hair Removal?

IPL hair removal machine works on a principle of Fitzpatrick scale where the skin is graded into Type 1 to Type 6 with type 1 being pale which burns and peels to UV exposure while the type 6 is deeply pigmented and never burns. The best candidates for IPL laser hair removal are people who fall into category type 1 to type 4. However, with the advancement in technology, all skin and hair types can be treated as the machine has customised settings.

With IPL hair removal machine you can achieve a more permanent effect and have a smoother looking skin for longer. If you are considering having the treatment, look for a reputed aesthetic clinic with a certified technician with FDA/TGA approved IPL equipment preferably sourced from Australian Aesthetic Devices.


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