How to choose best surgeons for cosmetics treatments?


The most important and mind-boggling question before a cosmetic surgery might be How to Choose Best Cosmetic Surgeon for my Treatment?Well, we are going to tell you exactly what to look for while choosing a surgeon for your treatment. The guide below will tell you everything that you need to know before choosing a surgeon.


Talk to your friends if they know any good cosmetic surgeon in the area and have personal experience with them. You can also ask doctors who are not related to the field of cosmetic surgery but often they will know about a good cosmetic surgeon.

If you have chosen a surgeon and want to know more about him/her. You can ask the hospital’s staff about the skill of that surgeon. Hospital nurses and staff will give you a good angle about the skill of that specific surgeon. Hospital staff will also give you a good insight into the specialization of a cosmetic surgeon.

What to Look for

While searching for a surgeon one should always consider checking different Cosmetic surgeons and should choose the one that suits their needs. The most important thing that you need to know about a surgeon is whether a surgeon is certified by a renowned and professional organization such as:

American Society of Plastic Surgery

American Board of Plastic Surgery

American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

American Society for Dermatologic Surgery

It is not necessary that the surgeon should be qualified from these organization. The surgeon might be certified by another professional organization.

Things to search in a Surgeon

One should consider asking all the question that they need to satisfy themselves. A good and trustworthy hospital will give a person all the answer and will also encourage you to ask any queries that you have regarding the procedure and surgeon.

Following are the questions that you should ask consider going ahead with the selection of Best Cosmetic Surgeon.

How many years had a surgeon spent doing the same procedure that he/she is going to perform on you? One should consider knowing how many time has a surgeon performed the procedure at hand.

What will be the aftercare of the procedure and how it will be handled once the procedure is complete?

A good surgeon will push you to ask as many questions as you can and will also give you honest answers.

Ask the surgeon to show you the patient’s before and after picture of the similar surgery that will give you a good idea about the skill of that surgeon.

One should also consider the cost of the procedure and also ask about the cost of aftercare and treatment cost of an extra treatment if something goes wrong.

The best way to know about a surgeon is asking questions of them. The surgeon is pushing you to ask any queries you have regarding the procedure. A good surgeon will always give you real answers and won’t give you 100% guarantee of the result.

Try to choose surgeon as close to your home as possible because it would be painful for you to go to a long distance when the procedure is complete.

Question about procedure

It is very important to know about your procedure so that you could be mentally prepared for its outcomes even a negative one. A good surgeon will give you detail information about everything involved in the treatment even its potential disadvantages and negative outcomes. The questions that you should ask about the treatment that you will undergo should include:

How long will it take for the procedure to be completed?

What is the recovery time of the procedure? How long will it take for me to recover?

How painful is the recovery time and what type of pain should I expect during the recovery?

Are there any risks and negative effects involved in the procedure that I am going through?

Is the procedure serious enough and will I be needing an anesthetic?

How much time will it take for the results to last after the procedure is completed?

How will the procedure take place what are the steps involved while performing the procedure?

You also need to ask them about the complications that the doctor had in the past with other patients. You will be given two weeks to decide if you want to go ahead with the procedure.

Type of surgeons that you should avoid

The surgeons who don’t regularly perform the treatment that you are planning.

The surgeons who will try not to show you the before and after picture of their past patients.

The surgeon who try to sway you from asking questions.

The surgeons who show you dream of a perfect surgery and would tell you that there are no risks involved in the procedure or try to avoid the question altogether.

The Surgeons who give you guarantee of a perfect result should be excluded.

The Surgeons who try to negotiate price and are not involved regularly with the patients after the surgery.


You should keep in mind that a good surgeon doesn’t always guarantee the desired outcome but you will have a shot at better partnership if the surgeon is good.


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