The Benefits of Living A Healthy Balanced Lifestyle


Engaging in functional fitness is very rewarding. It helps you feel better, relaxed and capable of coping with life’s challenges. But to achieve these, you need to be physically fit. Also, it would be best if you have a clear understanding of a healthy lifestyle and its benefits.

What is a ‘healthy lifestyle’?

The term ‘healthy lifestyle’ has no single definition because it means different things to different individuals. It could mean eating less fast food, spending time with loved ones and walking five miles every week to one person. It could mean engaging in intense physical training, eating healthy foods and maintaining zero alcohol intake for another person. With these differences, a healthy lifestyle can be defined as anything that a person does to feel good.

What are the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle?

By keeping a healthy balanced lifestyle, a person can achieve the following benefits.

Increased savings

Living a healthy balanced lifestyle allows many people to maximise their savings. Instead of spending more money to buy unhealthy foods, they only purchase healthy ones. Due to this, their food expenses are significantly reduced.

People with a healthy balanced lifestyle can also increase their savings by not engaging in unnecessary vices, such as smoking, drinking and excessive partying. They spend most of their time and money on health-related activities, including going to the gym or doing exercises at home.

Finally, a person with a healthy balanced lifestyle does not quickly get sick. That’s why they are saved from spending more on buying medicines or paying the hospital bills.

Longer lifespan

Living a healthy balanced lifestyle significantly increases a person’s lifespan. Eating healthy foods and doing regular exercise effectively prevent you from getting sick more often. Also, these habits help the body’s essential organs work at optimum levels. Thus, the risk of having life-threatening diseases, such as stroke, COPD and others, is significantly reduced.

Improved mood and brain health

A healthy lifestyle is also proven helpful in improving mental health. Experts found that when you exercise, your brain gradually experiences positive changes. A proper workout also enables the oxygen and blood to circulate all over the body and the brain more efficiently. This boosts the production of new brain cells and the connection between cells. As a result, your memory and mood are improved.

Furthermore, doing exercises is effective in fighting anger, depression and anxiety. Eliminating or reducing sugar and processed food intake can also help improve your mood and reduce fatigue.

Reduced stress

Even simple exercises like going for a walk outside can help reduce stress. Engaging in physical activities allows your body to release ‘endorphins’ or the so-called ‘feel-good neurotransmitters.’ Endorphins act as your body’s natural painkillers and help improve your sleeping capability.

In addition, exercise releases catecholamines that are responsible for inducing your body’s fight or flight response. This mechanism boosts your body’s protection against the harmful effects of stress. Thus, if you want to control stress, you need to exercise and keep your mind off some bad habits like smoking.

Improved confidence

A regular workout helps improve your self-confidence. Undergoing strength training and engaging activities, such as walking, dancing, swimming or running, allows you to stretch your body’s limits. Doing these also provides you with something to be proud of and gradually boost your confidence. So, working out more often will eventually make you enjoy the routine and become more confident with yourself.

Optimised bodily performance

Eating the right food and doing regular exercise provide your body with more energy to take on the entire day’s challenges. Working out for a few minutes during breaks or about 20-30 minutes during lunch breaks could help enhance your creativity, focus and concentration. Also, pairing your regular workouts, regardless of their duration, with eating healthy foods improves mental clarity and physical performance.

Stronger immune system

Eating nutritious foods and engaging in a regular workout are very effective in strengthening the body’s immune system. The combination is also proven to prevent you from incurring various health complications like cancer, heart failure or diabetes linked to a sedentary lifestyle.

Furthermore, when you eat more fruits and vegetables, your body gets more fibres and antioxidants needed to flush the toxins from the body and keep the cells healthy.

What are the best practices to achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle?

Having a healthy balanced lifestyle requires dedication, discipline and patience. To achieve the desired outcome, you need to have these virtues and consider doing the following.

Eat healthy foods

The foods we eat are the primary sources of nutrients that our body needs to function effectively. If you want your body to become healthy and capable of optimal performance, eat more fruits and vegetables. Eating fibre-rich foods are important because it allows your digestive system to work well and collect all the nutrients needed by the body to work well. Foods rich in nutrients also strengthen the body’s immune system.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise offers a long list of benefits to the body. Not only will you become physically fit and resilient. Engaging in various workout routines can also make your bones strong and your skin healthy and will enable you to gain or lose weight. Although exercises require you to do things that consume the body’s energy, these activities could encourage the body to release substances that boost your mental health.

Quit smoking

Smoking causes a lot of harm to the body. That’s why if you want to have a healthy balanced lifestyle, it is best to quit smoking. By eliminating a significant source of health risk, you will have more chances of improving your body’s overall function.

Quit drinking alcohol

Like smoking, drinking alcohol beyond the established limit is very harmful to the body. You should also quit your drinking habit if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. Instead of drinking, try to devote your time and money to doing other worthwhile activities or engaging in a new and healthy hobby.

Take supplements

Eating healthy foods is not always enough to achieve the nutrients needed to function well. This is the reason why many people take supplements to boost their nutrient intake. But given that these supplements are not 100% natural, you need to go for the products sold by reliable supplement stores. Also, you should seek assistance from nutrition experts so they can help you select the supplements that best suit your dietary needs.

Get ample amount of sleep

An adult aged 26-64 years old should sleep for at least 7-9 hours a day. This allows the body to recuperate and repair some of its damaged tissues. Getting enough sleep also reduces stress effectively and helps improve your mood. Finally, maintaining a healthy sleep pattern lowers your risk of getting severe health issues like heart disease and diabetes.


Having a healthy balanced lifestyle offers many benefits. To have one, you could start by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. You can also consider using food supplements to reach your recommended dietary needs.


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