Many are quite familiar with how marijuana affects the body. The most obvious is the sensation that many describe as being high. They also attribute marijuana with feeling relaxed and lower signs of anxiety and depression. Others feel an intense hunger that people call getting the munchies. While these are all proven effects of the plant, how marijuana affects the body has more to do with the compounds it contains, specifically the compounds THC and CBD.

The marijuana plant has a lot of compounds, almost 500 of them but the two most potent ones are tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and cannabidiol, CBD for short. THC is the compound that creates the feeling of being high in most people. THC is also associated with the negative effects of marijuana like anxiety and paranoia. CBD, on the other hand, is the compound that most medical professionals are concerned with. It is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t elicit the feeling of getting high, yet it helps reduce anxiety, inflammation in the body, and even depression.

Deeper into CBD

Despite the many studies that are being done on the plant, there is still far too many confusion about CBD. People think it is another term to describe THC and it largely has the same effect as that of THC. While they come from the same plant, how CBD impacts the body is quite different. The Cannabis plant has two primary species: hemp and marijuana and CBD are most prevalent in hemp. Hemp also has lower levels of THC compared to marijuana.

How is it Consumed?

There are numerous and quite creative ways that people have been using CBD. First, it can be in the form of tincture that is placed under the tongue where it is absorbed into the body. Edibles are also a common way to consume CBD and also the easiest. They just eat CBD infused food like cookies and brownies and the compound is absorbed in the digestive tract. Lotions and creams are great for providing pain and muscle relief and can be used in massages. Transdermal patches are placed on the skin where CBD is absorbed slowly and are activated by the heat of the body. Last and definitely not the least is through vape. Using CBD can be vaporized through a vape and inhaled, quite similar to smoking without the added chemicals of burning paper and flowers.

Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil

  1. Pain Relief

There have been numerous accounts of ancient tribes using the cannabis plant as a form of anesthetic. Recent studies have proven this claim particularly with CBD and its products. In fact, many cannabis dispensaries like wholesale dispensary canada have begun offering CBD oil in treating pain. The mechanism behind the analgesic effect of CBD lies in its anti-inflammatory properties. The path that results in pain is a complex and nuanced process but everyone is in agreement that inflammation plays a major role in it. Because CBD reduces inflammation in the body, it is able to halt pain from manifesting fully. CBD oils are particularly effective at treating chronic pain like arthritis and multiple sclerosis whose pathophysiology is related to inflammation of the tissues.

  • Reducing Anxiety and Insomnia

Unlike THC, CBD does not cause adverse effects like paranoia and anxiety when people use the drug. In fact, CBD is commonly associated with relaxation and a feeling of calmness for people who use them. With so much attention focused on mental health in recent times, people have begun exploring other means of alleviating their mental ailments and they naturally turned to cannabis. Those who smoke marijuana have all experience a reduction in anxiety and the ability to sleep better. But those who are averse to smoking or experiencing the psychoactive effects of marijuana have turned to CBD oil for its desirable effects. CBD plays a crucial role in regulating the release of the neurotransmitter responsible for anxiety and depression.

  • Reduce Acne

Half the world population has experienced, on some level, the occurrence of acne. They are bothersome and quite embarrassing, not to mention quite difficult to control. With more studies done on cannabis plants, researchers have uncovered that CBD oil is great at reducing acne breakouts. As mentioned above, CBD halts the progression of inflammation in the body. And since acne is basically a form of inflammation in the layer of the skin, it has a positive effect on it. It prevents break out from happening by helping reduce inflammation and reducing the release of sebum, an oily secretion in the skin that causes clogged pores and a precursor to breakout.

  • Good for the Heart

There are recent studies claiming that CBD is linked with the overall health of the heart and the circulatory system, including lowering high blood pressure. High blood pressure has many associated cardiovascular disorders like myocardial infarction (heart attack), stroke, and other metabolic syndromes. A recent study has shown that men who consume a dose of CBD oil have reduced resting blood pressure compared to the placebo group. The same study subjected their human models to a stress test and, yet again, those using CBD only experienced a small increase in their blood pressure. Many types of researchhave also related the anxiety-reducing and stress-reducing properties of CBD for its ability to lower the blood pressure.

  • Other Uses

The many research done on CBD has revealed many promising results. It seems that its benefits and uses for the body are rather wide. Some believed that CBD can be used to prevent the occurrence of schizophrenia and other mental disorders because of its effects in the brain chemistry. CBD has also been known to be useful in helping in the treatment of substance abuse. Those who have used CBD oil in tandem with therapy have reported a reduction in anxiety and drug-seeking behavior. And lastly, though the study is in its early phase, there is a good chance that CBD can help prevent diabetes from occurring, especially for people who are prone to the disease, through its anti-inflammatory properties.


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