Anthony Constantinou Explain Connection between COVID-19 – Air Pollution and Health


Many researchers reported that air quality in regions around the world has unexpectedly improved — but naturally; this hasn’t carried out in the way anyone would want. Less traffic and less commercial and industrial activity due to the Coronavirus pandemic has caused a transitory decrease in pollution.

Anthony Constantinou says, “The connection between COVID-19, air pollution, and health is more fundamental like most things about the virus, it is troublesome.”

The Connection between air pollution and coronavirus:

COVID-19 is considered as a respiratory illness with difficulties include cardiac arrest, septic shock, liver dysfunction, sensitive kidney injury and multi-organ failure. Early analysis shows that coronavirus severity and fatalities were radically higher among those people who have heart diseases, diabetes and chronic respiratory illness. Reports indicate that people with severe causal medical conditions are “at more risk for brutal illness from CoronaVirus.”

Long term exposure to air pollution put impact on many of these diseases and makes respiratory problem more dangerous. Worldwide, air pollution is predicted to be responsible for almost 40% of lower respiratory tract infections and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease load and about 20% of coronary heart disease and diabetes load. While air quality perhaps have provisionally better in discrete areas, these health states — caused by long exposure — don’t left. Specifically, improvement of few months doesn’t make heart problems, diabetes and these other issues disappear, so the people suffering from these problems still face the blend of their conditions and, potentially, COVID-19.

The impact of this combination will be brutal for our already overloaded healthcare system. Many care centers are already working near capacity and facing a rise in ventilators, mask and other medical supplies required for chronic heart and lung infection patients.

Air Pollution Index Differs in Place:

Air pollution differs significantly from place to place. Low wealth areas experience a high load from pollution because they are more possibly located near or downwind of refineries, docks, public road and other parts of unhealthy productions.

These people even face disproportionate risk from Coronavirus because of lack of access to health care and the major demand to fulfill needs and where stay at home, remote working is not possible. That causes more high risk of infection and fewer resources to get cure.

Key Concern:

A key concern is whether the cleaner air we are observing around the world will only last till the end of this crisis. Researches indicate that pollution levels have been rising as people continue usual economic activities. Even, once businesses move from crisis to recovery mode, they perhaps forced to prioritize vital fixed cost over environmentally-friendly investments.

But what if we could hold the nature glimpse alike…? Many businesses, societies, and employees have already realized the importance of working from home and forgoing commutes. We might even see more digital businesses working in the future and increase in home delivery options. This cleaner air period could even help shed light on the necessity to ramp up continuing efforts to electrify public transport all over the world.

While intimidating, the fear we face are solvable, but initially we have to reinstate a respect for science by our administration. Only following the essentials and facts, we can effectively protect the health of our families and neighbors.


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