6 Tips To Remove A Coffee Stain From Your Teeth


Teeth are the first thing that people notice when you smile. So, if they are yellow, it can be a real bummer for your confidence. This happens a lot when you are meeting new people. So what are the reasons for this yellow and stained teeth? Tea, coffees, red wine are some of the primary ways to get stains on your teeth. These stains, in turn, reduce the whiteness of your teeth.

How do teeth get stained?

Many people like to drink coffee regularly. But this drinking regularly comes at a price. Because it will eventually affect the teeth’s whiteness. Our teeth have several layers with enamel being the outermost. It is the most mineralized and hardest layer substance in the body. The primary task of enamel is to protect the delicate layers below it.

Further, enamel is covered by several microscopic holes. Thus, when we eat or drink, it gets stuck in our teeth in these holes. As a result, the enamel becomes stained. This staining is known as extrinsic staining. And when we do not clean our teeth regularly this extrinsic staining turns into intrinsic staining. This is because the internal layers of the tooth also get stained. As compared to extrinsic, intrinsic staining is very hard to clean. Thus, in all fairness, it is very important that we regularly remove the stains from our teeth.

Below are the 6 ways which you can use to remove the stains from teeth due to coffee and make it clean.

By adding milk to the coffee

The colour of the coffee does affect the stains on your teeth. If it is darker, so will be the stains. This can be avoided by adding milk to your coffee. When you add the milk in the coffee, it makes the colour of coffee lighter and as a result, provides extra protection to your teeth to fight the staining acids already in the coffee. If you are adding cow’s milk then it’s better as it is high in proteins. This protein helps in the binding of polyphenols in the coffee. Thus, this will remove the staining from your teeth, instead of attaching it. The polyphenols will move the stains to the stomach where it can be easily broken down.

But remember that only animal milk will do the above-mentioned things. If you take soy milk, it might taste better with your coffee, but will not be able to do the same task. As it contains a different kind of protein in it, it will not protect your teeth from stains. Further, the fat contents will also affect the process. If the fat content is high then it will be more effective.

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda

When you are removing the stains from your teeth, the important thing to do is to take care of the enamel. This is done by this mixture. Hydrogen peroxide is naturally an oxidizer. This means that it will stimulate the surface of enamel on your teeth and in return remove the particle that causes the discolouration. While baking soda will increase the reaction, as a result of which the movement of particles increases. This will again easily lift the stains from your teeth. You will notice the fizz straightaway when you prepare the mixture of these ingredients and it will form little bubbles.

For the usage, start with few drops of hydrogen peroxide solution and gradually add baking soda such that it forms a runny consistency paste. This will help the paste spread easily on to the teeth. You can also use your brush to apply the paste. Once you have applied it, let it stay on for 15-20 minutes. Repeat the above process daily for 2-3 weeks, until you start to notice any considerable difference.

Coconut oil

When you eat and drink, bacteria starts to pile up in your mouth. These bacteria degrade the surface of your teeth and make them look discoloured and dull. Coconut oil neutralizes the excess acid in your body and kills these bacteria. When you drag the coconut oil through and through your teeth for 20 minutes it flushes out and eventually neutralizes the excess bacteria in your body.

Using coconut oil on your teeth will take some time for getting used to. Particularly, 20 minutes will seem a lot in the beginning. But you need to do this regularly if you want to get the results. Start the usage with a teaspoon of organic coconut oil. After the coconut oil melts in your mouth, start to swish the oil in your mouth such that it coats all your teeth. Then pull the oil between the tooth from back to front. Repeat this entire process for 20 minutes and then rinse your mouth with lukewarm water. Do this every day before brushing your teeth. You will notice the stains reducing in a few days.

Change the way you drink

You don’t need to give up your favourite cup of coffee in order to prevent the stains. You just need to change the way you drink it. If the coffee you drink does not touch your teeth then it will not stain your teeth. When you drink coffee from the cup, it is likely that the coffee is washing over your teeth. Thus, a better way will be to drink coffee is with a straw. This way it will never touch your teeth. When the polyphenols that cause the staining does not touch your teeth than it will never stain your teeth and make them yellow. It may seem strange initially to drink the coffee with a straw but to prevent the teeth from staining this is surely one of the best ways.

Apple cider vinegar

This is another way to make your teeth white. Over time, it has been shown to make your teeth white when you use apple cider vinegar. Take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and put it in your mouth and swish it for 10 minutes. Initially, this might feel uncomfortable, but you need to continue anyway. When you are done with the 10 minutes swishing, brush your teeth immediately as an excessive acid is bad for your teeth and might even damage them. Use caution whenever you apply anything acidic to the teeth over a long period of time.

Rinse your mouth after drinking coffee

Whenever you drink coffee, rinse your mouth immediately. This will prevent any acids and bacteria to form around your teeth. Further, it will also reduce the damages done by the acids on your teeth. You can also brush your teeth after having a cup of coffee. But do not brush your teeth straight away. Instead, wait for an hour and then brush your teeth. This is because the acidity of coffee will make your enamel slightly weak and thus immediately brushing your teeth after finishing a cup of coffee is not advisable.

In the end, it’s all about following simple things regularly. If you brush and floss your teeth regularly twice in a day many of your teeth related problems will go away.

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