8 best pole fitness stars to follow on Instagram


Pole Fitness is a great sport that suits all individuals, both men, and women, where they take pride in displaying their jaw-dropping highly flexible moves and positions on a pole. From the World Pole Dance Championship athletes to Pole performers at circuses, you can find them easily on the social media where you can stay connected to their colorful and amazing feeds. And Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to get inspired by their breathtaking stories and documentaries of these athletes. It gives an insight into their everyday life too. Scroll on and discover the eight best pole fitness stars that you must follow on Instagram.

  • Dimitry Politov

This skilled pole fitness athlete is from Russia and has an arsenal of trophies in his house. His accolades include World Pole Dance Champion 2015, World Pole Sport Champion, World Pole Art Winner, World Ultra Champion 2016. Dimitry is also the winner of this year’s Ultimate International Champ. Head over to his Instagram account and you will see that he has nearly 60k followers. Thousands of people across the globe find him a true inspiration because of his amazing skills and unbelievable takes on one of the trickiest positions on the pole – “the flying Buddha”. His social media feed has instructional videos and all the unusual tricks that he keeps on recording on the pole!

  • Jiang Lei

One of the fewest athletes who has done pole for less than five years, Jiang had always been dedicated and hardworking in when it comes to Pole fitness. His professional dance background that spans across eight years assisted him and to bag multiple awards in only a few years. The major titles include Most creative dancer 2017, World Ultra Pole Champion 2017, Open Elite Senior Champion 2016, and Top Six at China Pole Championship 2015. The IPC2018 Pole fit winner owns Xiao Jing Pole Studio in China. He has 9k followers on Instagram and is one of the best and influential Pole fitness Athletes among the Chinese and many south Asian nations.

  • Sarah Scott

She recently crossed the 150K follower’s mark on Instagram and is known for being one of the best Pole and Aerial dance trainers in the world. Sarah Scott runs an award-winning program, XPERT Pole and Aerial Fitness, designed especially for all Pole Dance enthusiasts around the world. The course is offered by highly qualified and skilled Pole trainers and comes in various languages such as German, Spanish, French, and English. It suits people of all ages and gender, thus no matter if you are just starting or a pro, this course will be one of your best moves. Check out her website to know more about the program.

  • VecislavsRuza

Being a dance trainer for more than ten years at a renowned dance academy, Ruza has also shared the live stage with acclaimed dancers in various cities. During his professional career, he performed in big events across the country. Pole dance came to his life in the year 2013 and he started learning it at a studio in Stockholm. He is a three-time Swedish national Pole Sports champion and a silver medalist at World PoleSports Championship. Not only he is a great dance instructor, but Slava Ruza also has years of experience as being a judge in various international competitions. He has over 13k followers and his feed is mostly filled with some of the best dance and pole instructional videos on Instagram.

  • GreshilovEvgeny

Pole fitness suits everyone, including men. Greshilov swept a number of Pole fitness awards such as the World Pole Sports Championship (thrice), Pole Art 2013 championship, and many more. Check out his online pole fitness lessons at Open Dance Academy where you can find tons of tutorials, tricks, and lessons. He developed pole fitness skills while he used to perform at various circuses. The three-time World Champion is also a good photographer and videographer and has over 35k followers on Instagram. Follow his account as his feed is always filled with great videos and photos on Pole fitness.

  • Heidi Coker

It’s been 10 years when Heidi started pole dancing and at that time she was 21 and a great gymnast. She got inspired after watching an episode of Oprah, where she saw the need for women empowerment. Heidi took poling lessons for a year before deciding to participate in competitions. She won a lot of medals during the 2010-2015 period such as USPDF Pro 2nd place and Finalist, APFC two-times Artist of the year, IPSF top 10 finalists, 2015 Australian Pole fitness champion, and IPC finalist in Hong Kong. Her Instagram account is full of colorful videos and photos as she is a great believer in playing one’s own strength. She currently has over 35k followers.

  • HankaVenselaar

Prior to beginning her career as a pole dancer, Hanka has been an experienced and skilled gymnast for more than four years. She left gymnastics because there’s something new that she wanted. In her eleven years of career in poling, she performed at various events, took part in big competitions around the world, and even shared the stage and meet amazing pole dancers. Check out her Instagram profile, you love this pole artist and aerial athlete’s skills! She has more than 25k followers and there are enough posts, both photos,and videos, that will always keep you inspired.

  • Natasha Wang

Known for her highly flexible positions, Natasha is a great instructor and regularly conducts workshops on various Pole fitness series. Her studio and dance academy, Open Dance Academy offers a lot of pole fitness courses for individuals of all levels – from the beginners to the pro. She won the 2013 International Pole Championship and dedicates her life to train other athletes to become better with time. She has 15k followers on Instagram and you can find that she is passionate about pole fitness, which her feed is all about. There are beautiful photos and videos of her doing the craziest moves around the world.

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