Best New Tools for Sales Process and CRM Management


One of the most important disciplines for a successful business is sales management. It directly impacts your brand’s sales process. Another aspect that is just as important is customer relationship management or CRM. It is important to manage these aspects effectively and ensure coordination between these processes to produce optimum results.

To boost sales strategy and increase profit, it is wise to invest in productivity tools. The goal of these tools is to improve your business’ sales process and make it more efficient. Here is a list of new tools you should consider to up the game on your sales strategies.

  1. InfusionSoft

InfusionSoft is a marketing and sales automation software that was constructed specifically to make the sales teams’ job easier. This software was not necessarily built for large businesses, but it works wonderfully for small businesses. InfusionSoft was built to help you get more leads, boost conversion rates, save time, and manage all your sales processes. It organizes sales tasks and activities, sends personalized follow-up emails, and manages sales strategies with little effort.

  1. Pipedrive

This is a sales management and CRM software that specializes in keeping your sales processes on top. Pipe drive offers in-depth statistics and analytics in sync with your brand’s sales strategies. It is a sales tool that optimizes sales processes with features like sales reporting, pipeline management, sales forecasting, email integration, and more.

  1. Ambition

This is a sales operations management software that focuses on improving and managing your brand’s sales performance. It tracks an employee’s productivity by generating a dashboard, organizing their roles, and tracking objectives.

  1. Sales Handy

Sales Handy is a platform created for sales engagement. It focuses on making the sales team’s job easier while boosting productivity. It provides document analysis and tracking, email tracking, lead tracking, as well as sales tracking features. It can also send personalized emails to various prospects.

  1. Clari

This is a sales forecasting and execution tool that aims guides the sales team on areas that need their attention. This helps your team capture more leads and close many more deals. Clari helps remove any blind spots so your sales team can focus on improving pipeline inspection and have better success. With accurate forecasts, your team can deliver improved sales strategies and build better processes.

As much as sales process tools are necessary, so are tools for CRM management. CRM is especially important for smaller businesses. The entire process of CRM includes improving networking, providing customer support, and boosting sales in the end. Here is a list of top CRM tools that you should know about.

  1. Zendesk

Zendesk is a CRM management tool that provides information on customer contact made by your team members. It focuses on reducing the repeating of steps or efforts and improves workflow scheduling, thereby decreasing response time. This cloud-based software does not require complicated systems. Zendesk enables the use of self-help systems, which allow customers to browse solutions for their queries without resorting to technical support immediately.

  1. SurveyMonkey

This online survey platform is a popular name all over the world. With Survey Monkey, you can access countless respondents globally. This allows you to understand your customer’s needs and research the viability of your products on the market. Questionnaires and surveys are important tools that boost sales CRM, which is why Survey Monkey is a great CRM tool.

  1. Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction is a great CRM tool that reduces the workload for your support team by creating customer communities. It helps generate something like Facebook, but designed with your company, customers, and products.  This encourages your customers to explore this community when they visit your company website. This allows existing consumers to bring in potential clients, increasing sales CRM.

  1. Deskero

Deskero works like the other CRM tools, but it has a unique feature. It integrates with social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+. If you are looking to improve sales CRM through social media, Deskero should be your go-to tool. With this CRM tool, you can magnify your sales strategies and processes, while accessing users on various social media sites. It also helps your prioritize customer interaction.

  1. Casengo

Casengo is a CRM tool that focuses on customer contact platforms and creates a central record of customer contact events. This gives your CRM team access to a centralized channel containing customer information, making their jobs much easier. It also offers a self-service module for your customers so they can browse through options before needing to contact customer support.

The goal of using sales process and CRM management tools is to reduce the workload on your teams while boosting productivity and profits. With these sales process tools, your team can focus on creating improved sales strategies and ideas leading to better results. They also help your teams capture more and better leads, which in turn helps in increased customer conversion. CRM tools are here to improve customer relationship management, which results in better customer satisfaction.

Without the right sales process and CRM management tools, it is likely that you will face more challenges than you can overcome. These tools are here to make your job easier and to ensure you have better opportunities to improve sales and customer relations.


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