4 Ways To Automate The Sales Process (BESIDES CRM)


Sales process can be referred to as the set of steps followed by sales team to convert prospects into sales. These steps are mostly repeatable in nature. Designing and executing an effective sales process is the main task to be done by sales team while preparing sales strategy. If this step is undertaken properly, it can be beneficial for the company.

The various steps which become part of sales process are as follows:

  • Finding prospective client
  • Approaching the customer
  • Presentation
  • Addressing the query
  • Closing up the deal
  • Doing follow up (CRM)

With the passage of time, style of doing business is changing continuously. This is because customers are becoming more educated and aware about their needs; available of supplement products; and intense competition. In order to strive through tough competition, companies must make changes in its business strategies. It should start making more and more use of technology. Making use of CRM Tool, free CRM service and sales CRM (customer relationship management by sales team) has now been in place from long. Now just automated calls and customer support is not enough, but there is need to go one step ahead and start making use of new automated techniques.

Automation of Sales Process:

Automation of sales process can be referred to as streamlining the sales process and ensuring sales team is focusing on right opportunities. It will prevent the time that otherwise be wasted on tedious or repetitive tasks. The automation enhances the productivity and save cost of the company. Sales process automation helps in doing real end-to-end sales.

There are various steps where automation can be done. These can be:

  • Sales documentation
  • Order booking
  • Automated mail of dispatch details
  • Automated rejection note processing
  • Automated claim settlement process.
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Creating follow-up tasks in sales process
  • Taking notes after a call
  • Creating tailored sales presentation

There are various tools apart from CRM that can be used to various processes of sales and can help company to enhance its performance.

Best way to automate sales process in an efficient and effective manner is to get customized software designed for the company as its requirements. For doing this, following steps must be undertaken:

  • Make list of all the sales process and steps.
  • Analyze the current process of the company and all the steps included in the sales process.
  • Prepare the list as to what the weak areas are.
  • Get the software developed and ensure that it is developed to optimize the process and overcome the weaknesses.

Apart from that, 4 ways that a company can use to automate sales process are as follows:


It is a sales force automation (SFA) and sales team management software. With this following things can be done:

  • Arranging for email marketing campaigns
  • Lead distribution
  • Creation of personalized workflow
  • Conducting training session for sales representatives.
  • Managing dealers and partners


This is software with which the effect of advertising campaigns can be monitored and analyzed. With sidekick it becomes easy for the company to find out the success of personal outreach campaigns as well as of email campaigns. This enables to find out what is working in campaigns and what is not. It helps in rebuilding the strategy and so as to bring it in alignment with objectives of the company. It can be improved so as to achieve the target. It also shows the correct time to contact client by capturing the time when people visits website and email.

It has the tool with which contacts can be found from the website of potential client or prospect. This help in reducing time of searching and finding contact information.


It helps in qualifying leads for the company without members of sales team being turned to call center representative. With the help of this software, leads can be confirmed before being transferred to sales representative. This helps in saving time and energy as sales people need not keep calling prospective customers.


This is project management software. This enables in organizing sales and providing continuous service throughout the organization. This helps in organizing project by tracking the project through email which eliminates time spent in searching information.

This is very useful software. Sales representatives should focus on creating a project for strong leads and chalk out the sales cycle under this tag with accurate due dates. Template can be prepared and used in a project when a new strong lead comes in.

Data that can be included for framing template is as below:

  1. Name of the client.
  2. Entering information in CRM software.
  3. Scheduling follow up as per the requirement and availability of the client.
  4. Information about demo session.
  5. Providing client with the contract documents.
  6. Post contract follow up.
  7. Confirming about receipt of contract.

While preparing template for the process it is necessary that all that all the required details related to lead is entered in the system. Once the system is updated fully, there is enough time to concentrate on main task of the sales strategy like addressing client issues.


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