Bored of your office apparel? Here’s how you can revamp your wardrobe on a budget


No matter how much you love a dress, you are going to get tired of it one day. And you know it because it happens with all of your dresses. You will get bored with your style. But if you are a working woman, your wardrobe must be 90% work clothes. They are the clothes you wear to work every day. They should be a perfect mixture of style and elegance. You must have spent a lot of time choosing the right kind of office wear. So what happens when you get bored with the work apparel? You spent a lot of money on filling your wardrobe with these clothes; you can’t just do the whole thing again. Even if you can afford to buy new clothes, it would be a total waste of money. Because what if you get tired of the new clothes after six months? You can’t revamp your wardrobe again and again. The solution is simple: make wardrobe changes that don’t cost much. There are a few ideal changes to the work wardrobe that you can make without having to spend a ton of money or sacrificing your style.

Here are the best ways to revamp your wardrobe on a budget this year:

  1. Swap and Sell Clothes:

There is no reason why swapping clothes should only remain a thing of the past. Talk to the friends who are around your size so you can swap dresses with them that you don’t wear anymore. The first thing you should do is clean out your closet and make a pile of clothes you got bored of, now that’s the pile that you can swap or sell online. When you sell these dresses online, you might end up finding a dress that you like online too, and it will be cheaper than big stores.

You won’t have to spend a single penny when you are swapping clothes. This is also an ideal way to try on new clothes and see what style goes well with your personality. When you sell clothes, you can buy the new ones in the style that you are going for.

  1. Capsule Wardrobe:

A capsule wardrobe is a great way to change your wardrobe without having to spend a lot of money. With the help of a few statement pieces, you can build a complete work wear wardrobe. There are a few essential things that you must get when you are building a capsule wardrobe, they include:

  • A white dress:

A beautiful white dress can be paired with different accessories for the most elegant look. When you are meeting new clients, it is the ideal way to make a good first impression. You can wear a white blazer with the dress, and you will exude confidence and authority.

  • A Black Suit:

The best thing about a black suit is that you can wear it as separates. Don’t want to wear the suit? No worries, pick up jeans with a shirt and you will be good to go. You can also pair the pant with a white or cream colored blouse to create a separate dress.

  • Comfortable Pumps:

Whether your work requires you to be on your feet or sit behind a desk the whole day, a pair of comfortable pumps is a necessity for an office day. Choose a pair in a color that goes with most clothes so you can be fashionable and comfortable in them.

  • A Perfect Handbag:

You know well what your work handbag will have to carry so choose one accordingly. It shouldn’t be too big and too simple. Even if it is for work, it should have style. You can replace your multiple colorful bags with one useful handbag that goes with all kinds of dresses.

  • Pencil Skirts:

The most comfortable office wear is a pencil skirt with any type of shirt. You can even pair a sweater with it if your office dress code allows. Otherwise, a button down shirt looks beautiful with a pencil skirt. You can also add a colorful scarf to the mixture.

  • Blazers and Shirts:

Blazers can add grace to any dress, so adding them in your wardrobe makes sense. There is no harm in getting more than one blazer as long as they are in neutral colors. And no capsule wardrobe can be complete without a few button down shirts. They can be styled with literally anything. Jeans and long skirts are the perfect partners of button-down shirts. Add a couple of accessories to the mix, and you will be good to make the best impression at the office.

  • Pants:

Having blue or black pants in your wardrobe will make your life easier. Wear them with a shirt, pick up your handbag, and you can go out the door in 5 minutes.

  1. Shop from Sales:

Keep track of sales and shop when there are discounts available. One obvious advantage is that you will save money this way, but another advantage is that you can use the money you saved on one classic piece. Once you have established the new style that you are going to follow and the colors you prefer, you can start searching for one classic piece that you can reserve for special office meetings. You can also accessorize this dress to make it perfect for office parties and dinner dates.

  1. Make simpler choices:

Instead of going for all sorts of different color dresses, make simpler choices. Pick neutral flats to go with every dress or get a black dress that you can wear on multiple occasions by adding a necklace to the look. Simpler choices cost less and add a certain elegance to your look.

Fashion trends change frequently, and there is no reason why your wardrobe shouldn’t change either. So if you have gotten bored of your office apparel and thinking of making a change, follow the ideas mentioned above so you can revamp your wardrobe without spending a lot of money.



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