How To Grow A Beard: Some Tips


If you would like to grow a beard and you are looking for some tricks to make your beard grow faster, we at LXR recommend you follow these tips because they will help you a lot to promote its growth. Get ready and take a seat because in this post are the tips to grow your beard naturally.

But before we get into trouble, it is true that having more or less a beard is not always a personal choice that depends on our tastes and preferences. Genetics plays a key role. In fact, it’s the main reason why some men have thick beards and others don’t even need to shave.

For all of you who grow a beard but want to know some tricks that work to make your beard grow even more, we leave you with some tips to grow a long beard.

Tips for growing a beard

Beard growth is a process that takes time, so have patience.

Yes, this is the first and most important advice. Beard growth is something that takes months and you must commit to following a series of guidelines and care. In the first few weeks, in which your beard is growing, you will feel strange or uncomfortable and you will also notice a bit of itching, but you must be aware, in addition, there are products that will get rid of those itches or stinging that you may feel. Don’t give up the idea, your beard just needs time!!

Exterior care starts on the inside.

If you want to have a healthy and full beard, it is essential that you take care of your health and pay special attention to food, exercise and rest. All this is essential if you want your beard to grow faster,

  • Eat balanced and do not forget foods rich in nutrients that promote hair growth: proteins, nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables, etc.
  • Exercise regularly and daily because it will promote blood circulation and it will better reach the skin of your face, making your beard grow healthier and stronger.
  • Rest and try not to live stressed. Cellular regeneration takes place during sleep, and beard growth is directly dependent on it. Try to eliminate stress because when we experience periods of stress, it directly affects hair growth and can even promote hair loss.

Let your beard grow and avoid trimming it.

During the first month, it will give you the impression that your beard grows out of control, without shape and that it is impossible to tame it. Avoid the temptation to shape it with a trimmer or visit your barber and let it grow out completely naturally.

If at this peak of growth, you cut it back, you will be weakening it. When about 4-6 weeks have passed, you will notice that little by little the beard is softening and then it will be time to shape it.

You should keep in mind that the growth of the beard and its business are directly related to the level of hormones and testosterone, and their effects on the growth of body hair. The hair follicles that make up your beard are generated due to this hormone. In this way, the higher the testosterone level, the greater the growth of the beard.

Encourage the growth of your beard

It is important that you have healthy and hydrated skin. Taking vitamins will be very helpful for these purposes. A good exfoliation of the face is essential for the good growth of facial beauty. Thus, we will eliminate dead skin cells, leaving the pores completely clean and stimulating the growth of hair on your face.

You must keep the skin of the face always clean. To do this, wash it every morning and night, with warm water and a cleansing soap. Once a week it is advisable to apply a mask and leave it on for 15 minutes.

Check the skin of your face from time to time to detect possible ingrown hairs in the pore. This will prevent the beard from growing unevenly.

Use special products to care for your beard and promote its growth.

All help is good, and more if it is about specific and recognized products from the best brands. We talk about these products in the next section. All these products that we have recommended for your beard to grow faster and healthier, you can find them in our catalogue by clicking here.

We hope this article will help you grow your beard naturally!


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