A Shout-out to Fashion Bloggers: Tips for Starting a New Online Business


You could be a fashionista at heart, but a newbie at blogging. Alternatively, you might be running your online voice for years, without much success in making it a lucrative source of income for yourself. In either scenario, knowing your strengths and working on your weaknesses can help you transform your stylish digital presence into one that is potent and prolific, in every sense. 

Running a fashion blog can be a truly profitable opportunity when handled right, but building a memorable presence in this oversaturated industry can be quite a challenge. If you’re eager to transform your blog and your digital presence into one that will let you make a living, this is your set of tips to look to and use them to your advantage!

Build a personal brand

Your blog is your voice and your authentic expression. For anyone to relate to it, you need to make it clear as to who you are and what values you stand for, which is why personal branding is vital for fashion bloggers today. 

Everything from devising your own original logo, all the way to creating a stellar website that perfectly reflects your convictions is essential for your effort to build your new online business. You can start by using your own name as the domain name for added personalization and recognition, and of course, create a voice for your brand that will make you stand out whenever and wherever you post something.

Enhance your website’s reputation

Do you perhaps have a subscription model for your readers, or an affiliate relationship with a few brands? Perhaps you’re even creating your own design pieces and selling them online? A fashion blog with a business purpose means that you need to earn the trust of your audience first and foremost. To do that, you should leverage the trust your current subscribers and customers have given your brand.

In addition to posting reviews and testimonials, using a conversion rate optimization tool on your site helps you inspire trust in new readers and customers to join others who have confidence in your brand. These tools publish notifications every time someone subscribes or buys from you, making it simpler for those who are hesitating to actually go through with the purchase. This will help you generate more subscribers and more income over time, hence the need to use these simple add-ons on your site.


Turn to social media

By nature, fashion is a very visual industry, and you need to make your presence prominent both visually and voice-wise when you create your reviews, post your stories, and publish your photography. Of course, you should diversify your content and use different social networks to attract more readers. For example, using Twitter for business to get more people to your blog is a simple way to complement your existing Instagram and Facebook strategy. 

This is yet another place to find and connect with influencers and to kick-start relevant discussions and post the highlights of your recent blog pieces. All of those steps help enhance your blog presence and your overall brand reputation, so social dissemination is essential to turn your blog into a business.

Pick and know your niche

Fashion is a broad term, and it continues to grow every day to embrace new trends, give birth to new ideas, and empower creativity in its many forms. That is why you cannot blog about everything under the fashionable sun, but choose a specific, narrow niche that will appeal to a specific group of people and that will give you a perfect channel to voice your ideas and opinions. 

That’s why you have the athleisure enthusiasts, the minimalist Scandi aficionados, the boho queens, the neon divas. Finding your unique self in the sea of so many options is difficult, but it’s necessary to shape your presence and turn it into a lucrative opportunity. 

Start building strategies

The main difference between blogging just for fun and blogging while earning a decent living is that the latter depends heavily on data, research, and ongoing learning. All of that needs to be poured into various strategies to successfully publish fashion stories that will resonate in your niche, but to also get the attention of designers, fashion icons, and brands that matter and that can help you become a lucrative business owner online. 

From branding, communications, all the way to networking and marketing, your strategies should all be aimed at developing relationships in your community. From growing your readership through engagement, to growing your subscribers and customers through your marketing, you’ll earn a fair amount of attention when you know how to disperse your creative efforts into strategic steps.

Being a fashion blogger, or a blogger of any kind takes creativity and perseverance in this day and age when so many people are eager to turn this passion into a career. To make this dream your reality, make sure you take a thorough, planned approach and find your unique stance, so that you will not just earn a living, but build a business legacy from your efforts – and these are the key steps to get you there. 

Mia Taylor is a 33 year old blogger who writes about beauty, fashion and travel. She had always been passionate about fashion and over time she had developed a style of her own.  Mia loves to mix and match and get inspire girls with her advice about outfit and accessories. She loves telling a story about her travels, providing beauty tips with readers.