11 Tips to Choose the Right Jewellery for your Outfits


Isn’t it troublesome to buy online jewellery and match with your outfit? Here are some of the fantastic tips and tricks in this blog to style yourself and flaunt your look.

What can be more frustrating than picking out the most favourite outfit and then juggling to coordinate the right jewellery with it? It is great to have choices, but too many can make you look atrocious.

You have a plethora of jewellery collection, but you are confused regarding how to fix your outfit with the accessories you have or maybe you are not that confident to shop in-store or online the right type of jewellery in your collection.

Grab a cup of coffee and note down some helpful tips which will help you in selecting online jewellery:

  1. Create layers with necklaces, rings and bangles

You can experiment with contrasting shapes, lengths, colours and textures and make beautiful layers with necklaces, rings, bangles and also earrings in some of the cases.

If you opt for layering necklaces, then adopt different lengths to focus on your well-structured neckline. Similarly, for bangles or bracelets, you can create an unusual and appealing party-type combination that looks good that flash and jangle when you move.

Rings can also be used in a mixed, matched and stacked in all sorts of appealing combinations. If you have multiple ear piercing, then you can have more than one pair of earrings or wear ear cuffs which will turn heads turn towards you.

  • Avoid over-accessorizing

You know how it is, at times too much is well too much.

When wearing layered necklaces or a statement jewellery piece, then you don’t need an armful of bangles to grab attention. If you are wearing a bold pair of earrings, possibly your necklace could be more subtle or not there at all.

  • Notice your necklines

Pairing jewellery complimenting the neckline can accentuate your whole look. If you are wearing a strapless outfit like a tube top, then pair it with chunky chokers or necklaces that fit rightly with the shape of your neck. A high necked or collared shirt can be paired with large pendants and thin chained neckpiece. Conversely, on lower necked outfits or shirts, it can be worn with shorter chains so that it highlights your neckline as well as your outfit. Another new type of neckline is triangle neckline; you can wear a large pendant and thin chained necklace coordinating with the flow of triangle neckline whether high, mid or deep.

  • Styling jewellery with a floral print dress

A floral print outfit is itself eye-pleasing, so you don’t need bold and bright jewellery to overdo your look. You can keep your jewellery simple with feminine pieces that shall complement your style and tone of the dress. Stylish and classy neck pieces such as silver or gold chains with small and delicate pendants will undoubtedly complement your already floral-patterned dress.

Earrings you can pair with these necklines are small drop earrings, ruby or emerald studs can feature your look. The same works for small pendant necklaces studded with gemstones studded earrings.

  • Wearing rings with panache

Whether it is a party or a formal meeting, wearing rings completes your look. To get a minimal look in a formal meeting, you can stack rings one or two in your fingers, highlighting your hand gestures. To get a classy look, get diamond rings online to flaunt yourself.

You can pair up a set of matching rings or create a mixture of colours, textures and gemstones. Wearing an odd number of rings on one hand and the other works well as well.

  • Styling for Formal meetings or events

Dangling bracelets doesn’t work that well when working on a keyboard. If you are dressing up for work, then you can skip on wearing hanging bracelets or bangles.

For formal events, you can dress minimal yet look stylish as bright and bold jewellery will not work with this look. Most of the times, small and straightforward jewellery with long fancy gowns work well for formal outfits. You can try wearing shiny delicate jewellery like a gemstone or small diamond stud earrings to get a subtle flair to your look.

  • Statement earrings according to the shape of the face

Grab a pair of statement earring to dazzle and shine in a party. You know, the flashy and glittery ones that highlight your face. Take into account your face’s shape as which pair of earrings will highlight the features of your face.

For instance, ladies with oval faces should consider studs and triangular earrings to highlight their cheekbones while somebody with heart-shaped faces should find drop earrings that don’t look dapper at the bottom.

  • Complimenting skin tone

Women these days know that styling not only means coordinating jewellery with outfits but it also involves highlighting skin tone.

Silver is a metal that illuminates most natural tones. Gold goes exceptionally well with darker hair and matte skin. Cooler skin tones go well with gems that are red, purple and blue. Also, white gold is a perfect choice of metal for cooler skin tones.

Warmer skin tones pair nicely with orange, yellow and green gemstones jewellery in addition to golden metals.

  • Diamonds are girls’ best friend!

Diamonds clears all the confusion by coordinating immensely well with all the outfits. Simple studded diamond jewellery like a pair of earrings and a pendant, can style any outfit and would turn all the heads towards you with its sparkling light.

  1. Flaunt your pearls

Pearls go well with aqua and deep blues to greens, and stormy grey coloured outfits. Pearls complement best with shades of ocean water.

  1. Create your own style statement

Dressing up should be fun, and it should be personal to you. Your style is about who you are and how you want to appear to others. It doesn’t have to be twin sets and pearls, or free-flowing and boho for that matter.

If what works for you is doing whatever you want and following none of the typical fashion tips, then my advice is: go for it.

Pairing sparkling jewellery with outfits can be frustrating; when it is done incorrectly, it can destroy your whole look for the occasion. Fortunately, now you have some tips to perfect your look and save the time of picking out your outfit.

Author Bio:
Khushboo Shah is an avid jewellery designer and a fashion consultant at ZIVAR.in. She is also an enthusiastic reader and an animal lover. Sharing the latest fashion trends and uncovering unique style secrets keep her going.


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