Reasons To Love Diamonds


Over the centuries, diamonds have remained one of the most sophisticated and glamorous gemstones. But what makes this particular gemstone so brilliantly remarkable and valuable than others?

Don’t be surprised! Diamonds were formed on this earth even before the Mesozoic Era (the famous age of dinosaurs). The captivating essence of diamonds has made them a renowned symbol for expressing love.

Fine jewelry crafted from the finest gem-quality diamond has become the ideal gift for anniversaries, weddings, engagements, birthdays, and other special occasions for an everlasting impression.

Physical Vs. Online Diamond Store- What Should You Choose?

Over the years, the diamond business has transformed from physical stores to online diamond stores. The most fascinating fact is that most diamond buyers are now inclined to purchase jewelry from an online diamond store. 

In fact, the best online diamond store offers a much versatile, more convenient, and affordable option.

Is It Safe To Trust An Online Diamond Store?

  • Online diamond purchases from reputed stores come with high-resolution images and certification from reputed regulatory bodies like GIA or AGS.
  • Every leading online diamond store offers a refund, exchange, guarantee, and warranty on your diamond purchase.
  • Moreover, you’re not pressured by a salesman to purchase a piece of jewelry. You can shop within your comfort zone.
  • Shipping from online vendors is highly secure. All the jewelry shipped has a world-class package, and the delivery trips are insured. Most reputed vendors dispatch your diamond items through FedEx.

Can I Purchase An Engagement Ring From An Online Ring Store?

Exquisite rings handcrafted by the finest artisans are available at every best diamond store online. 

The best part? To add a cherry to the cake, now you can even order customized wedding and engagement rings from an online ring store. Craft an engagement ring as unique as your love. Pop the magical question with a ring that suits your partner’s personality and reflects your passion.

Are Diamond Rings Cheaper Online?

When you shop with the best diamond store online, you may find quality engagement and wedding rings around 20%-30% cheaper than the physical stores. This is primarily because the methods of procuring, selling, and distributing the diamonds are less expensive for online vendors.

5 Fascinating Facts About Diamonds

We’ve enlisted 5 astounding facts that will make you fall in love with this precious stone even more.

  • Previously, diamonds weren’t mined– Today, diamonds are extracted from primary deposits (underground or underwater) using high-tech machinery. However, in the primitive ages before the era of modernization, diamonds were found by miners from alluvial deposits (inside the river or alongside the riverbeds)
  • 20th-century French laws allowed only royal access to diamonds– Around this time, the precious gemstone was extremely rare. The strict laws prohibited the general public, peasants, or any nonroyal member from wearing diamonds and rendered severe punishments to those who broke the law.
  • The Cullinan Diamond remains the world’s largest rough diamond ever mined-This stunning beauty was discovered at a mine in South Africa in 1905, weighing a whopping 3,106 ct.
  • Gem-quality diamonds account for only 30% of the total diamonds mined worldwide-This indicates that only 30% of mined diamonds are worthy of being processed and cut into faceted shapes for crafting fine jewelry. The rest, 70%, are utilized for industrial requirements.
  • D color, near-perfect diamonds are scarce– A D color, Internally Flawless (IF) grade stone accounts for only .001% of the entire globe’s diamond production. Even in small carat weights, these precious stones are extremely rare.

5 Reasons To Love Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry is available in various elegant and alluring designs. The online diamond store offers affordable and versatile options. You can invest as little or as extravagantly you want on your diamond jewelry.

We’ve enlisted five-diamond jewelry designs that you’ll surely fall in love with.

The Hillary Solitaire Ring

This stunning solitaire flaunts its natural simplicity with a round center diamond on a 6-prong setting. Featuring a classic white gold band, this dainty ring is handcrafted to order.

The Stanton Solitaire Engagement Ring

The dainty Stanton Solitaire design presents an unassumingly elegant, precisely-set solitaire diamond with a half-circle micro pave band. The Stanton Solitaire imparts a precise amount of dazzle while achieving a sophisticated appeal. Individually placed side stones are customized and handcrafted for every unique band to strike a perfect balance with the center diamond. Place your order at the best online ring store.

Smith Rose Gold Pave Band

An exquisite diamond eternity band imparting a harmonious blend of glamour and gentle elegance. The custom handcrafted micro pave emanates a sparkling radiance that can be spotted from across the room. The eternity set-stones in the ring are individually selected and gauged to maintain consistency in color, carat, and clarity. Purchase this stunningly perfect style from a reputed online diamond store.

Cassatt Floating Diamond Band

The classic Eternity Band with an added punch of glamour. The Cassatt band features a string of brilliantly dazzling F color VS clarity diamonds encircling your finger. The open-air stone setting allows the maximum light to pass through the diamonds, resulting in a brilliant shine. In addition, the more refined and premium design ensures a comfortable fit.

The Saxon Band

If you prefer a classic style with subtle elegance, you’ll surely fall in love with the Saxton Ring. This ring is an ultimate reflection of simple elegance. The Saxton ring features a polished band embellished with single handset diamonds. Simple yet stunning band pairs perfectly with engagement rings. It offers a refreshingly new option for brides and grooms looking for an alternative to a traditional wedding band. The rounded edges make the Saxon a comfortable fit. For a perfect finish, order your band only from the best online diamond store.

Diamonds are an excellent investment. Not only do you get a great resale value for certified diamonds, but you can even upgrade your existing certified jewelry anytime. Moreover, online diamond stores offer a lifetime warranty that secures your jewelry from manufacturing damages.


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