Web Development Trends set to Dominate from 2019


Tech dependence is becoming more prevalent day-by-day, the demand and expectation for solutions and innovations, to make everyday life more convenient has never been in such demand and the tech world continues to answer the call.

Like never before businesses are having to line up new strategies to survive and compete against each other to satisfy the new breed of fastidious clientele that have come to the fore over recent years.

In the web development world I think we can all concur that in order to succeed for your clients businesses and for them to be competitive in today’s market the website is their most valuable tool.  The transformation is now complete from their potential customer’s first impression being their suit and business card to now being their website.

It is the way Millenials, (who by 2025 will contribute 75% of the global workforce) judge businesses, so the website provides a business with the opportunity to instantly:

.Raise awareness of business operations

.Showcases product and services to a global audience

.Gives an opportunity to establish credibility without a sales pitch

.Allows them to employ various marketing tactics and calls to action to assess data in which to adjust and adapt to be successful

It’s plain to see that having a website is essential to conduct business but keeping it updated and relevant is the challenge and cornerstone of today’s business climate.

Being ahead of the curve in web development is vital to meeting these challenges and providing the platform to excel for your client.  Here I look to point out some of the trends that are taking a foothold in the industry from the hotbed of Melbourne web design and look at the models which all development will look to evolve from as I look.

Web Development Trends set to Dominate

Web development – The process of website formation.

From coding to writing mark-ups for functionality, tools and framework to programming languages, the life of a web designer is a complex one.

Today’s web development has had to adapt to survive with the likes of Google pushing for UX and UI like never before, there is not only the challenge to meet the functional and practical side to create a successful business but to create a website that is engaging, easy to use and user interactive.

Listed below are some of the latest trends that if you have a handle on, you’ll excel in 2019 and beyond.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are classified as user experiences and provide the following:

Reliability – Loads instantly, even in unstable network conditions.

Speed– Respond quickly to user interactions seamlessly even with animations and perfect scrolling.

Engagement – It acts as a normal app on the device, with an immersive user experience.

With new innovative Web Apps becoming available through 2018 and into 2019 Progressive Web Apps are a must for any home page.

The positives are the engagement factor which can lead to increased conversation rates, instant loading which give you a better Google rating and are very little hassle to deploy and maintain.

Single Page Websites

As web designs status quo is being challenged and the goalposts shifting somewhat, single page websites are becoming increasingly popular.

The advantages this brings is, for example, is having all your call-to-actions on one page, so the user doesn’t get distracted and leaves for another page without that engagement and statistical feedback which is so vital.

It is a simpler more efficient way of conveying your message as sometimes sites with too much information scattered over too many section lose the reader as navigation is an important factor. A single page reduces clutter, and unnecessary pages while reducing your bounce rates (another penalised factor with Google).

Online Support Enhancement

Web development can be quantified by the advancement in online support.

Enabling a business to be connected to its user 24/7 using Chabot’s is now a major player in the market. A site would almost feel naked without one.

Chabot’s have a capacity to engage the user by text or auditory methods and the AI has the ability to answer frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), helping direct users to specific pages and the payment gateway whereby they assist with the desired payment method.

It’s a time saving application that helps to reduce bounce rates and overall conversion rates.

Block-Chain Technology

Block chain has a growing influence on the eCommerce industry and is the most secure payment facility made to-date.

Block chain stores data collectively and scatters it across many variable so data is not stored in one place. In addition to this there is no intermediary at pay during the transaction, for added security. Algorithms are used providing a premium level of protection during the process.

At this time Crypto currencies, traders and exchanges are the main users, but look to keep yourself informed of the latest moves by blockchain towards the mainstream and keep your clients at the forefront of security, a great selling point to increase their customer base.

Push Notifications

Push notification are now prevalent on both laptops and mobiles. Keeping the user up-to-date with special offers, discounts, and new deals or introducing them to your new blog.

Its offers a direct communication with the user that is more simplified than social media for example and will be the preferred choice moving forward into 2019.

The Transition from Flash to HTML

Flash is being drastically reduced and is a prime example of how things change in the online world, once the go-to solution, it has been quickly eclipsed as HTML has come to the fore in rapid time. HTML has pushed the boundaries ofcompatibility making everything more streamlined and efficient.

HTLM5 based videos and games are reaching a wider global audience with Flash well on the way to becoming obsolete in the near future.

CSS Framework Materializes

Web development is in the process of adoption of CSS frameworks in two forms:

Materialized and Sass

Google’s material design language forms the framework using Parallax and Toast.  Due to itscompatibility with all today’s modern browsers it offers a better UX. The materialize framework is comprehensive encompassing both JavaScript and CSS with icon and fonts.

Motion UI

Motion UI is the epitome of simplicity and flexibility, making it a top choice for developers. Its CSS file has ready to use effects with Sass allowing for the creation of customised animations.

Single and multiple CSS animation can be created and the motion UI animations and transitions are able to be added to all elements of the website providing a distinct advantage over other libraries.


Providing statistics and customer feedback is crucial in 2019 and these web development trends with morph into further advancements at the blink of an eye.  Making the website accessible, user friendly, navigational and engaging is the purpose for the developer, the user and Google as they strive to set new boundaries to push the web development industry forward.

The need for developers to marry UX and UI together seamlessly in web designing has never been more prevalent than it will be in 2019.

 Author bio:

James Row is a passionate blogger and professional software developer who started his career in web design, learning his trade in web design in Melbourne, has a love for informative writing, and looks to keep you up to date with the latest information about the industry.



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