How to Integrate Technology with Learning for a Student?


We can the influence of technology in every field. It has brought a lot of changes and developments which we use in our daily life. We cannot avoid the importance of technology. Whether it is economical business commercial science or in education in every field we can see the touch of technology and its revolutionary ideas has brought so many changes and developments which are really useful to the citizens of the nation. It made our life easier and simple. Every single person is deeply depending on and influenced by the technological developments. Each person use of technology for the different purpose. Some may use it for entertainment purpose some may for banking facilities some may for playing games some may for resource works and some may for educational purpose and so on. So different persons use technology for the different purpose. It has shown a very positive effect on new generation people and also old generation people are also deeply influenced by the technological ideas. So if we take the particular field like an educational field. This is considered the most important field because education makes every individual eligible for their life and a successful person in their future life. So technology can be effectively used in the field of education.

At first, the educators didn’t show much interest in the integration of technology with education. Because they thought it will affect students mind negatively and they lose their interest in studies and will divert their mind from learning. But as time passed and the technology showed a positive impact in another field, so the educators accepted the ideas of technology in the educational field and has brought so many changes in learning as well as in teaching techniques. It was really helpful in attaining good result and helped students to perform better in their academic life.

Create a class Blog

It is a very easy way to get connected with the students. The teacher should create a classroom blog and submit all the matters and news related to the subject. Add links and web pages which are really useful to the students in their learning process. Such things will encourage students in learning. When the teacher itself takes an effort and makes them prepare online naturally students will show their interest in the learning process and will be up to date in their learning process.

Present videos related to the lessons

When the teacher takes continuous class it makes students tired and they will lose their concentration in short period so the best way to make classroom more active and energetic is to present some videos which are related to the lessons it will make students active and they will not feel tired while watching the video and they will also participate in discussion after the lesson completed. So technology provides such facilities to the teachers where they can present their lessons interestingly and we know the visual affects always stays in mind for long period which will be useful in their academical performance.

Use different types of teaching methods

Technology is not only helpful t the students but also helpful to the teachers. By using technology teacher can sue different type of teaching methods which will make the class more interesting and attractive. If the teacher use only lectures method it will make students bored. Soon the internet and by browsing teacher can get so many sources which will explain the different types of teaching methods when teachers fail in one teacher can use the next one without wasting their time. There are so many educational applications and websites are developed which can be used in teaching as well as in the learning process.

Bring out students work

A student always likes to get attention, especially from teachers. So for encouraging students works teacher can use technological devices for publishing their creative works in front of their colleagues and in front of their teachers. Such attention always loved by the students. So the teacher must present their works and appreciate it and also encourage it so that the other students also follow them and identify their skill and do their hard work. So apart from teaching teachers must impart reinforcement which is really useful.

Bring experts in the classroom

It is very important to render good real experience to the students. So it is not possible to take students into society or to bring new experts to the classroom. So for that purpose the teacher can use online conference mode. Through an online conference, the teacher can make the student meet new people who are experts in a particular field. All students can have a discussion by the online conference. The teacher can render new ideas and expose students in the classroom itself. So such facilities will make students more knowledgeable and will make them smart in their academicals performance. There are so many applications like Skype and Google Hangouts are available which facilitates online conferences.

So we can say that technology can be effectively used in the field of education. Teachers are really blessed with technological techniques and they can use it effectively. There are so many educational applications are developed and still developing so many application in which we can see the different kind of sources which can be used in the classroom by the teachers and students can also use it in their home without any kind of instructions. At the same time, teachers and parents should observe the use of technology by the students because there is a chance in the diversion of mind and concentration of the students. So teachers must guide them properly and parents must observe their use at home. If the technology used properly by the teachers in the classroom then we can see a drastic change in their academicals performance.


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