Semalt Warns Of Botnet Malware

Botnet Malware

Malware or malicious computer codes have been around for over 40 years, but their use to create something organized came to our notice when the botnets were introduced about ten years ago. The botnets are responsible for some expensive security incidents on the internet and have infected a large number of computer and mobile devices. Every month, lots of computers are infected by botnets, which tend to shut those devices down.

Artem Abgarian, a leading specialist of Semalt, explains in the article what the botnet malware is, how it spreads and works.

The term botnet comprises two different words, net, and bot. A botnet is a group of infected computers that perform multiple tasks as per the orders or demands of the botmasters. Every second computer is likely to become a botnet is the measures are not taken, and you have not installed an anti-malware software. Botnets are groups and huge collections of systems that are linked together through a centralized network or operating system. People who operate or write the malware cannot log onto all the devices, but they can definitely control their actions.

How to find out if my computer is part of the botnet?

It’s easy to find if your computer is part of the botnet and you can also evaluate its impact on the performance of your device. When the computers become part of the botnet, they function slowly and do not act as per your instructions. Moreover, the websites don’t load properly, and your operating systems are overloaded with lots of queries. Such behavior is visible to the users to let them know that the botnets are present. They may or may not let you know anything about their presence because the botnets usually operate silently.

How do the botnets work?

As we have already described, the botnets are instructed to perform certain tasks. They are mainly responsible for stealing personal information such as credit card details and might not be visible to the users because of their quiet behavior. The botnets are mainly used by malicious actors, also known as botmasters. The command and control servers are meant to bring down the botnets.

The risks for businessmen and home users:

The risks associated with the botnets are the same as the risks of malicious programs and suspicious activities on the internet. For instance, the botnets are designed to steal your personal information and access your credit card details. They also gain access to your intellectual properties, blueprints, and passwords and sometimes force you to click on their links to affiliate websites. You should understand that once your computer gets infected, it will no longer act as your requirements but will perform the tasks assigned by the hacker.

The line between the corporate and personal computers is blurry. All of us can be the victims of botnet malware, and the only way to get rid of them is installing the anti-malware programs. Identifying and stopping the botnet malware is all you need to ensure your safety online. From the technological perspective, the botnets can be stopped with anti-malware or antivirus programs. We can stop the infections in the network traffic and can get rid of them soon.


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