Semalt: Botnet Protection Tips. How To Stay Safe?

expert from Semalt,

The rootkit is a piece of software that is hidden and installed on a computer or mobile device without your knowledge. It is likely to infect a large number of programs and files and gets automatically installed by the attackers. They take advantage of the vulnerabilities of your computer and convince you to download strange programs and tools.

Semalt Experts

Artem Abgarian, a top expert from Semalt, assures that the rootkits are not always dangerous but may hide all the malicious activities, so you should get rid of them as soon as possible. Sometimes the attackers access your sensitive information and steal the credit card details with the help of rootkits. They regularly monitor a user’s actions, perform various dangerous functions and modify your programs without being detected by anyone.

On the other hand, the botnets are a huge network of compromised or infected computers. They develop large and small bot networks and perform a variety of tasks. In the context of the botnet, the bots are referred to the computer and mobile devices that cannot perform their functions properly and are controlled by the hackers. An attacker gains control of your device by infecting it with a virus, malicious code or malware that attacks your machine at regular intervals. The computer soon becomes a part of the botnet network and does not function normally. The botnets are frequently used for conducting a range of malicious activities, distributing viruses and spam, and attacking various new devices.

Why are rootkits and botnets significant threats?

The primary problem with botnets and rootkits is that they remain hidden and perform their functions silently. Although the botnets are not always hidden, the rootkits never show up on your computer system. Sometimes both rootkits and botnets remain undetected until or unless your device is completely damaged. They silently perform their functions and automatically install other malicious programs on your device. As they are tough to detect, the attackers can easily use botnets and rootkits to modify and access your personal information. They attack a vast range of computers and commit different crimes with these bots, remaining hidden in your computer and mobile devices. With a few infected computers, the attackers can easily increase the range of their crimes and impact both small and large-sized organizations.

What can we do to protect ourselves?

If you are looking for reliable security practices, you can follow these steps and reduce the risks of your computers being infected or compromised.

1. Maintain and use antivirus programs:

The antivirus programs or software are must, and you should install them as soon as possible. They help recognize and protect your computer or mobile device against the known viruses and malware. You can easily detect the malware and viruses and can prevent them from causing serious problems for you. As the attackers continuously write new virus codes, it’s essential to keep the definitions and antivirus programs updated. You should also install the anti-rootkit and anti-bot programs on your device.

2. Install the firewalls

You must install the firewalls that help you prevent several types of infections and block the malicious traffic before it damages your computer. It limits the traffic and can perform its functions on all operating systems. Make sure you keep your firewall updated on a regular basis.

3. Use strong passwords

You should select strong passwords so that the attackers cannot guess them at any cost. Use different words and combine both numbers and alphabets while creating a password. You should frequently change the password to ensure your safety on the internet.


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