In Pursuit of Plastic Perfection – Prominence of Cosmetic Surgery Around the World


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

You might have heard or read this proverb somewhere before. It means if something is enough or sufficient, don’t try to correct,or improve it.

But us humans are clearly having a hard time loving and accepting our own body in its natural form. It seems like a major chunk of the human population is still alien to the concept of body-positivity – loving and accepting the body we have, as it is. Self-love and self-care are seen through the distorted glasses of validation and approval from society. A big reason is that people easily get offended by tantrums and comments thrown by body-shaming bullies out there.

There are plenty of reasons as to why one feels as if they need to ‘work’ on their less than perfect body-parts to make themselves attractive for the world to see. Right from teenage and all the way through adulthood, societal pressure and all types of unsolicited advice are thrown your way to make you doubt your body image and feel less than enough. This is a pervasive problem that needs to be addressed immediately as more and more people are turning towards artificial enhancements including botox injections, plastic and silicone treatments, and other body altering surgeries. This poses a threat to not just long-term mental health as people tend to get addicted to surgery but also leaves behind risky complications in more cases than one would like to admit.

What started as a simple cosmetic solution for enhancing one’s features has become an overwhelming fad amongst the masses – the need to improve how they look in the mirror,  they are seen on the camera and just everywhere with everyone, all the time. This has become a breeding ground for an unhealthy cultural mindset that gives off a negative message that it is a crime not to look a perfect 10/10 all the time.

Facts depict a vivid picture of just how many people are willing to go under the knife multiple times. In a unique report published by Medzino, an interactive world map allows users to navigate across countries and geographical regions to display the relative popularity of the types of plastic surgery procedures offered within that region. When you select a particular procedure from the list, its popularity is depicted by the depth of color across various regions on the map.

Plastic Surgeries by Country

Here is another visual representation of the varying popularity of different surgical procedures based on the social and cultural differences across nations. Across the globe, most cosmetic surgeries offered are consistent in their popularity. However, on closer inspection – one can spot variations that could potentially correlate with specific social and cultural differences. This section of the report illustrates the popularity of each surgical procedure in relation to each nation.

Image Source

Japan clearly stands out as the only country having the most eyelid surgeries while all other surgeries here are notably lower than in other countries. This, for one, seems like a disturbing trend as the Asian community is clearly having problems with accepting their natural face structure as a surging desire to look more western is comes into play.

The infographic given below illustrates how a multitude of plastic surgery procedures are growing in popularity across the globe.

Image Source – Medzino

With a staggering 15.5% of all plastic surgeries, breast implants are the most widely practiced surgery procedures of all. The second most popular being liposuction (removal of fatty tissues). This should not strike as a surprise in a world where beauty standards are dependent on having a curvy physique. It is noteworthy that 1.6% of the world population opting for breast implant removal, perhaps they realized that they’d gone too far in making their bodies ‘perfect’.

As North and South America, Russia, and China lead the world in being the hotspots for plastic surgery procedures, Indians are peculiarly inclined towards hair transplants, penis enlargements in men and abdominal surgeries and liposuction in women.

Find out more about the reflections of cosmetic surgery worldwide by checking out a remarkable report published by Medzino.


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