Cupping Therapy: Alternative Medicine for Pain & Digestion


Cupping therapy is a form of therapy that is used in local suction is created on the skin, for promoting natural healing of the body it mobilizes blood and physiological balance. There are mainly two type of cupping therapy.

  • Dry Cupping
  • Wet Cupping

While doing cupping for both types a flammable stuff such as alcohol, herbs, is placed in a cup and set on fire. Once the fire goes away, the cup is placed plus down on the patient’s skin. After that air inside the cup cools, it will actually create vacuum. This will cause the skin to rise and flush as blood vessels expand. Normally cup is left in place at list 10 to 15 minutes.

In modern techniques some doctors uses rubber pump to create more vacuum inside the cup. Sometime they also used silicone cups generally it’s used as you can simply move it on your skin.

Now let’s check out the benefits of Cupping Therapy

Some of you might be thinking that it is a new therapy, but actually cupping therapy has been used widely to treat a range of disorder and symptom, some Therapist also consider it as massage therapy, acupuncture and medical treatments as well.

Helps Quickly Reduce Pain

Cupping therapy is very famous in sports person as they get injured quickly so for getting instant relief from pain. People like this techniques because it will naturally reduce joint pain, normally if you take pain relief tablet it’s really harmful for health so it’s best option.

Quick Relaxation

Cupping Therapy not only reduces pain but it will also help people to enter in relaxed state since it sedates the central anxious system. Its works just like acupuncture, when you think about acupuncture like this you must be thinking that it will hurts you, but actually it will help you lower stress and help you come out from depression.

Improves your Digestion Process

Cupping Therapy will also help you improve your digestion process and also helps to reduce symptoms from disorders like prickly bowel disease. This might be primarily being because they can lower a patient’s depression that is highly linked with digestive performance.

 Helps Treat Colds & respiratory issue


Cupping Therapy will help you clear away congestion and it will also help nourish the lungs. It will also help you speed up healing time from respiratory illnesses like Flu. Cupping Therapy will also help you improve resistant function as it moving blood and lymphatic liquid.

Improve Your Skin Health

 As cupping improves blood flow this might simply help you to lower inflammation. If you are suffering from acne problem you can come out from it using this cupping therapy. The better your blood flow you will see more improvement on your skin tone as well. At the same time study have not shown that it will compulsory help you for Wight loss but the fact is that it will tones and firm skin by improving blood flow and expanding capillaries makes it popular among celebrities and people in the spotlight who want to appear to have toned skin.



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