5 Steps of Swedish massage

swedish massage

Swedish massage is the most popular and well-known massage which is very effective in making you active and fresh. In order to improve the sense of mental and physical well-being, you should take a Swedish massage. The Swedish massage is practiced by people in different parts of the world since decades. The innumerable benefits of Swedish massage have compelled the people to take a Swedish massage. This massage maintains the physical and mental stability of the person. It plays a significant role in making you fresh and uplifted. In order to feel enlightened and uplifted you should take Swedish massage once a week.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is purely based on the western methodology of massage. Swedish massage stimulates fluids circulation, flushes the circulation system, makes the muscles less tight and relieves pain by originating a different kind of motions inside the body. Often, people choose 60-minute Swedish massage session but 90-minute massage sessions are more recommended by therapists for letting the tissues loosen up a little bit more. Swedish massage can be performed in different extents. It can be light or vigorous as it all depends on the masseuse and receiver. Like what receiver want to achieve from massage or what is the expertise of the therapists. For chronic diseases, you should ask for vigorous massage type to the therapists as therapists have to apply greater pressure to work the tissues in the required part of the body. Other than this, you must seek a series of massage for the proper cure of the disease.

During Swedish massage, the movements made by the therapist warm the tissues which ease of the tensions and eventually breaking of tissue knots or adhesions. Therapist experts always ask about if you have any serious injury because applying much pressure can result adversely. There are many benefits of Swedish massage. Swedish massage can help you combat stress. It makes the nervous system more functional and produces a relaxing sensation which assists you to cope with anxiety and depression. Swedish massage is extremely good for curing cramps and spasms. All you have to is to ask the therapist about it. The therapist will focus the relevant area of the body during the massage. The major steps which are mandatory in Swedish massage are as follows.


It is the first and the foremost step of the Swedish massage. In this step, the gliding and sliding action are done on the body of the client according to the direction of the blood circulation in the body. The gliding and sliding action on the body is done with the hands which cover different areas of the body. It is done with the firm but light hands. It is effective in reducing pain and improving blood circulation in the body. It also improves the lymph flow in the body. This step reduces the strain on your muscles and makes you feel relax.
The extent of pressure may be changed during outward and inward gliding of hands. When moving towards the heart, more pressure is needed. In moving away from the heart, little pressure is enough to the work. In fact, in effleurage massage, the movement is repeated in the exact same region of the body many times.


It is the second step which constitutes the Swedish massage. In order to induce relaxation in your entire body and to attain the deeper massage penetration in the body this step is very important. In this step, the kneading of the muscles of the body is done with the help of hands. The thumbs and fingers play important role in kneading the muscles. The kneading makes you calm and uplifted and reduces the strain on your muscles as well as from your entire body. If you want to release stress and penetrate relaxation deeper into your body, then kneading is mandatory in the Swedish massage. Petrissage massage is slow and smooth in nature. For legs, massage, double-handed massage therapy is preferred. For this action, two hands in opposite direction cause a sequencing movement. Petrissage should be only performed on relaxed muscles as it applies greater pressure on the skin.


Rhythmic tapping is one of the most important steps of the Swedish massage. In this step, the tapping is done with the fists of the cupped hands on the entire body. The tapping is done to make the muscles elastic and flexible. This step is very beneficial which makes you feel active and energetic. It helps a lot to make the muscles elastic and strain-free. Therefore, one should never miss this step while taking the massage.
Tapping is usually handful for head or face because it is very sensitive percussion movement of hands. Therapists keep the movement light and use different fingers for performing this massage. The sound produced by each tapping when fingers make the contact with the body is quite relishing.


In this step palms of the hands are rubbed on the skin which produces heat. This heat penetrates deeper into the body which makes the muscles relax. You have to rub the hands vigorously onto the skin of the person being massaged. This will make you feel uplifted and it will reduce the anxiety and stress also.
This step is extremely beneficial for sore muscles and relieving pain. A good example of friction massage would be massaging the sides of the spine. Although, kidney back of the knee should not be massaged in this way.


It is the last step of the Swedish massage in which the entire body of the person is shaken with the help of the fingertips and thumbs. The shaking eases the entire body and makes the muscles elastic and flexible. In order to have elastic and strain-free muscles after the massage, you should never skip this step.

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