8-Week Plan to Make You a Perfect Runner


If you want to start running for weight loss or if you want to run your first marathon, we can help you out! A Beginner’s running plan will eventually help you to reach the fitness you deserve and the health goal you are trying to reach for so long.

In this article, we will tell you about an eight-week training program. This programmer is designed for you and if you can follow this correctly then you will be able to run for 2 miles in 30 minutes at a slow as well as relaxed pace. However, this simple program begins with more walking, then a little running, and gradually becomes more running and less walking.

Things You Should Consider Before Starting The 8-Week Plan to Make You a Perfect Runner

1. Well, if you are over 40 years and overweight for more than 20 pounds then consult your physician first before starting this 8-week program. Therefore, you will be able to stay fit and avoid injuries.

2. Always schedule your workouts. Therefore, you won’t forget about this. Put them in your computer, phone, daily planner, or on the fridge in any place where you keep your routines.

3. Remember that you will face many bad days during your training period. Moreover, everyone faces a few bad days in the beginning. This phase will pass shortly.

4. Do not rush into the exercise. In the world of fitness and exercise, rushing can cause serious injuries and discouragement.

8-Week Plan to Make You a Perfect Runner

For a beginner, you don’t have much experience in running. Set a goal of running only 30 minutes without stopping. Try to keep a relaxed pace. Therefore, start the following program. At first, it will feel a bit tough but it will eventually get easier with each passing week.

Week 1

Well for a beginner you need to start your plan with a simple walk. Always start your workout with a little warm-up and walk a little. It will help you to loosen up your leg muscle. Jog for a minute and walk for at least two minutes. Repeat it 10 times. Therefore, you can go for 10 minutes of jogging with 20 minutes of walking. Do these three times a day. You can also do this on a treadmill.

Now, with these exercises, you can add some low impact cross exercises such as strength training or muscle building as well. Go for swimming, Pilates, yoga, or any sports you love.

Week 2

After you have warmed up go for running for 2 minutes and walk for a minute in the second week. On your second run go for three minutes running and walk for one minute and thirty seconds. Finally, on your third run for the week, go for running for four minutes, and walk for two minutes. Adjust the time according to your capability.

Now if the four minutes feel way too tough then slow down your jogging pace. Do not stop running. Just slow down the speed and walk a bit more. Always remember that this training plan is different for everybody, thus you need to consider your capability first.

Week 3

Well, have you completed the running for four minutes last week? Then push yourself a bit more. Go for five minutes running then walk for 2 minutes. For the final run, this week run for six minutes and walk for two minutes.

Now if you think that you seem to have problems finishing within the allotted time then slow down a little. However, you can swap this week running plan with the last weeks too.

Week 4

Well before the starting of week four, your body has already become used to running. Now we take a few steps more. For the first day of the week go for five minutes running and a minute walking. However, for the second run, go running for seven minutes and walk for a minute.

Now for the last run, challenge yourself and try for an eight-minute run. You can walk for two minutes in between running for two eight minutes.

Week 5

Well, you have already used to run 30 minutes a day without any complications. Now in the fifth week go for running for five minutes then rest for at least 30 seconds then again run for five minutes. Do the same for the second run of the week.

For the final run go for a ten-minute run. Try to keep your heart rate under control while you are running. Follow the ten minutes running with two minutes of walking.

Week 6

Well, this is not the beginner’s running plan anymore. You have become a pro at running now. Start the first run with seven minutes running and walk for 30 seconds. Doing this twice, start running for an eight-minute lap and walk for 30 seconds. For the second day try to increase the pace of running for a minute, therefore try running for 9 minutes.

For the final run go for 12 minutes and walk for one minute. Then run for five minutes, take a walk for 30 seconds. As usual, then again run for 12 minutes.

Week 7

We are almost at the finishing line! Therefore, things will be a little difficult now! Hang on a little! Well for the first day go for ten minutes running, take a one-minute break and walk. Do this three times. For the second run, run for 12 minutes and walk for a minute.

For the last day of the workout run for 15 minutes straight. Walk for two minutes then again run for ten minutes. Cool yourself for a few minutes by walking. Then again go for 15 minutes running.

Week 8

Yes! You have made it! The only thing now you have to do is remove the two minutes of walking between your two fifteen minutes running sessions. Therefore, now you need to run for 30 minutes at a stretch.

Remember do not sir suddenly after you finish your run. Always walk for a few seconds then stop your movement.

Bottom Line

Once you can run for 2 miles in 30 minutes then you can fix your next goal. You can go running three to four times a week and this will help you to lose weight and maintain your health.

Take this eight-week plan and trust us you will be ready for any upcoming marathon. It will also help you to get in better shape and finally lose those extra pounds you want to shed off for so long.


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