Pete’s dragon trailer and Movie Review


Movie: Pete’s Dragon
Direction: David Lowery
Cast: Bryce Dallas Howard, Oakes Fegley, Wes Bentley, Karl Urban, Oona Laurence, Robert Redford
Music: Daniel Hart
Cinematographer: Bojan Bazelli
Editor: Lisa Zeno Churgin
Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Rating: 3.5/5

Pete’s dragon good movie to watch and if you have kids and want to spend some good time with them, you must go watch it. Kids would surely like it, as we know that Disney is a master of the movie that basically attracts family audiences and mainly kids.

Professional Director David Lowery had a good sense of mixing of emotions, the unusual friendship between Kid and Dragon was resulting with great care and style. The Pete character is really great one played by Fegley. He is really amazing as a kid and brings charm of childlike to the character and plays it with great attentiveness.

(The Dragon), when you see the first snap you will surely like in the movie, that is perfectly made to life and becomes your favourite right away. When Dragon start behaves like a human and was so beautifully movement captured. It was really amazing to watch in big screen.

The cinematography was superb and perfectly cut by Lisa Zeno Churgin. It was perfect team work shown by the movie team.


This movie was based on 1977 original of the same name, but actually there is nothing similar in the movie, the story is totally different and it also not following by old movie. Yes Pete and dragon the name is same. It’s really great idea to make something original by making new scenario and making it meaningful by convey right message to the audience.

Pete is a young boy with having little different things than other kids. Pete’s home is the jungle, in a tree, with a dragon. This movie will surely refresh memorize of jungle book movie. Pete is open by his own kind, when town people hears of a dragon in the woods, the appropriate uproar follows and Pete must select among his love for his dragon and his new family.

In the movie the dragon name is Elliot only furthers the E.T parallel, like those movies, Pete’s friendship with Dragon will draw forth your tear ducts. You will identify how much work have been done to make it possible , you will surely fall in love with Elliot, and Pete relationship, you will not be able to help but just feel it for two hours and let your heart strings, in this journey.

Whenever you see Elliot and Pete on screen you will find it amazing. And all credit goes to cinematography. Fegley done really good job that has to deal with feeling of fear and loss. Probably Elliot is a computer generated creature that conveys the feeling of real stuff. Without both fundamentals, movie would not work for sure. David Lowery did a great mixture of feeling and relationship by using technology.

If you put this two main character behind and try to find out the other elements than you will find that the other character are more or less archetype.  The movie can be even better if we see some other character good work too. You also might identify that these scenes just exist to move the plot along. Of those performance though, everyone in the movie does a functional job.

You will also enjoy watching the other child actor Oona Laurence, he is the Pete’s human friend in the movie, and he works really well.

When you have concrete ideas about what exactly you want to say in the movie than no one can beat you. And the potential of the Pete’s Dragon movie is the same and the way it say was full of emotions and with unique way, it’s message are clear and reverberate masterfully.

I would strongly appreciate a film that deal with the mature themes of xenophobia, so I think it’s a must watch movie but possibly only at a discount rate. Check out the trailer Below.



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