How Do TV Antennas Work? A Simple Tech Guide


The TV antennas from the 1940s are still around and kicking, but not in the most obvious way. While everyone had them up until the 70s, there are signs that the antenna is making a comeback as cord-cutting becomes more popular.

But how do TV antennas work? Let’s break it down and why picking one up may be your next best move.

How Do TV Antennas Work?

TV antennas differ from cable in the way that they receive their media from broadcasts. These broadcasts are referred to Over-the-Air (OTA) television and are meant for those that are looking to pick up local channels.

These antennas will pick up the broadcast and transmit the data to your television, for your viewing pleasure. They need to be stationed in an area that is rarely blocked and outside. Interference from inside the building can cause the picture quality to dip.

Why Are They Becoming More Popular?

Cord-cutting is increasing in popularity because of the rise of cable costs in the last few years. People are now looking to subscribe to streaming services over cable because it puts the power into their hands on what and when they can watch.

While streaming services are great, they still often lack live TV for sports and other events. That is where the OTA comes into play.

If you want to get help setting up your antenna, be sure to check out this TV antenna installation service.

Are TV Antennas for Everyone?

TV antennas are for everyone that lives within range of a local broadcast station. Even those that live in a rural setting can often find local channels to watch.

But there are people that do not live in this zone, so checking with local antenna services is important to see where you stand. For those that enjoy cable television, this service also isn’t for you. These channels often do not include stations like ESPN, FOX, or other sports channels.

What Types of TV Antennas Are There?

The most common type of TV antenna is the dipole. The dipole is the classic two antenna option that is actually indoors. This has the two-pole sticking up and is reminiscent of the old days where you had to adjust them to make the picture clear.

Outdoor antennas have switched to a more satellite look because they are more durable compared to old-school pole antenna based. These older ones often broke easily and lead to an increase in upkeep charges.

Buying a TV Antenna Can Be a Great Way to Increase Your TV Experience

How do TV antennas work? They work by capturing your local broadcast station’s TV signal to display for your viewing pleasure. Just be sure to check what is available before committing to the purchase.

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