How Can You Start Your Own Blogging Website in the Year 2022


Are you one of those who are thinking of starting a new blogging website for yourself and making money through it? Then, this blog is going to be appropriate for you. Here our Assignment Expert will guide you how to start your own blogging website in 2022.

Below we have discussed the whole technique step by step. Just follow these steps and accumulate necessary information from it then create your own website:

1. Choose a Blog Name and Get Your Blog Hosting: before starting your blogging website the first thing you need to do is visit Bluehost and register your domain that allows you free hosting. By logging to Bluehost click on Get Started Now Button then select the Basic plan. Here you will get an option of domain name, choose a domain name for yourself and put the name into the New Domain box and your account on Bluehost is done.

Next, you need to choose an apt domain name that may attract your readers. For example,

As you’ve decided your domain name, you are ready to hosting your blog.

2. Start Writing Blog by Adding WordPress: next, you need to install WordPress, which is free to use.

How to install WordPress? After installation, just click on log in button – click on skip this step on the pick a theme screen – now it is ready to use. Just click on start building and go to your dashboard.

3. Choose a Simple Theme for Your Blog: an appropriate theme allows you to deck up your blog according to your choice. If you don’t have knowledge of coding, you can avail the inbuilt theme from there. Or you have the option of purchasing a theme from various websites. Download the theme that you like most and save it on your desktop.

4. Add Any Two Key Blogging Plugins So That Your Readers Can Easily Find It: before going to the next step you need to know what Plugins? It is basically the third party appendages that give you the opportunity to add additional functions in your blog.

How to use Plugins? From your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins and click on Add New. Then search for Yoast SEO and click on install now then press on activate. By clicking on the Add New button you’ll be able to add more plugins in your dashboard. Then again search for MonsterInsight and click on Install now then press the activate button. Next, click on the Launch the Wizard button to configure the MonsterInsight. Now click on the ‘click here’ button to jump to the next step.

5. Read That Content That Your Readers Preferred: now you are ready to start your own blog. So, turn your thinking into reality by adding it into your blog.

Here are some tips for your blog:

1. You need to write content for your basic pages like about page, contact page, start here page etc.

2. Next, you can add a photo of yours to make it easily identified by the readers.

3. By using PhotoShop, Corel Draw or a text editing software, you can make a logo for your blog. For better options, you can hire some professionals online and get the logo according to your need.

4. Choose the right images for your blogs that would be appropriate for the content.

5. If you want to get feedback from readers, you can open a comment section. It is no doubt an effective way to get in touch with the readers.

6. Make your presence in social media to promote your blog.

7. Start writing your blog, and publish it at least once in a week.

Conclusion: I hope this writing will give you an outline before starting your own blog. If you have any doubt, you can ask our assignment help experts without any hesitation. For more updates log on to our website and check the process of contacting them.


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