How to Choose Our Wedding Bands in 5 Steps


Symbol of love and commitment, the alliance is the allegory of your day. While details go unnoticed during the organization of a wedding, the choice of the ring should not be one. It is also given special attention. Afraid to commit an odd? Let us guide you through these 5 steps to the ring of your dreams.

Step 1. Determine the budget

Cornerstone of the organization of a wedding, all decisions are made according to the budget. As far as the alliance is concerned, its price varies according to the materials, it increases or decreases according to its purity.

You must also take into account the design of the ring; there are different shapes, different sizes and different styles. The most innovative jewelers are teeming with ideas for mixing materials, textures and styles. A benefit that can also change the price.

Step 2. Know the trends

Even if the choice of alliances is not one of the first things to consider when organizing the D – Day, it is better still to have a little advance. The creation of a ring takes, on average, a month and a half to make The Best Trio Rings 2018. We advise you to start your search at least three months in advance to anticipate the various manufacturing problems that may arise. Before booking the rings you will, of course, have chosen the model, the size and the text to engrave, if there is.

Size problem? Do not worry; you’ll have plenty of time to correct this detail once the wedding is over.

Step 3. Determine materials and size

The material is the basis of any alliance; it is around him that your ring will be built. A favorite of married couples, gold, be it yellow, white or pink, usually varies between 14, 18 and 24 carats depending on the couple’s budget. Attention, the purity of the gold is not always cage of quality, the more the model chosen is square plus it is ductile and thus likely to be scratched or deformed.

If you are not convinced by gold, silver, platinum or titanium are alternatives that will significantly reduce your bill. All have different strength and weight, platinum, for example, being the most durable, but also the heaviest.

We have recently seen the arrival of alliances with other more innovative materials such as steel or ceramics. They are more suitable for small budgets and have nothing to envy to their peers.

Neither too tight nor too wide, is the size of the ring also very important because it must fit perfectly to your finger. To avoid unpleasant surprises, do not go to your jeweler on a day of high heat or freezing cold because the circumference of the fingers varies significantly at extreme temperatures. It is also appropriate that the wedding is held at the same season as the fitting of the ring.

With the stress and anticipation of D-day, it is not uncommon to lose a few pounds. Do not panic if your wedding ring has become too big at the time of your wedding. Everything will return to normal once the event has passed.

Even if, after the wedding, you still have not achieved the desired result, go to your jeweler and adjust the ring on your finger. Do not worry, it’s very common.

Step 4. Choose the style

Again, your style is the key that will determine the design of the ring. As you know, the alliance is the symbol of your union and connects you to your half, so it should be adapted to your tastes.

In the first place, we take care of determining the shape: round, square, flat or hollow: everything is possible! For finishing you have several possibilities: polished, satin, ice effect, sandblasted, brushed, hammered, Florentine, dotted or enameled: there are a thousand and one ways to customize your ring.

Today, jewelers revolutionize the world of jewelry by creating unique pieces with an ever more innovative design. Rings with inlays and reliefs unparalleled, with minimalist styling, often combining several materials: from art to wear hand. Some jewelers specializing in the nuptial world also offer you the possibility to personalize your alliances.

Despite tradition, alliances do not have to be identical. Some couples like to differentiate their rings by a detail, such as the presence of diamonds on the wedding band. But keep in mind that your personality must be reflected in your marriage, even in your rings.

Step 5. Think about the engraved message

Before the purchase of rings, it is necessary to inquire if the model chosen as the jeweler allow the personalization of the alliance by engraving it. Usually the bride and groom choose to engrave their names on the inside. But you are free to let your creativity speak, by inscribing nicknames, an expression, a date or even a drawing that represents your couple.


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