Ten beautiful bouquet ideas for Valentine’s day


Valentine’s Day is the time to buy that special bouquet for your love interest and the special occasion demand a truly beautiful bouquet. A bunch of fresh flowers arranged wonderfully is the perfect messenger of the love in your heart.  If you want to make a valentine day flower delivery in Pune, flowers like roses, carnations and lilies are a great choice. If you are somewhat confused about the right bouquet to choose, we are going to provide some ideas about the best Valentine’s Day bouquets that can be designed.

Before going into the bouquets, here is a list of the best flowers that match perfectly with the spirit of Valentine’s Day. You can always buy flowers online Pune from some of the top florists to get the best quality at the right price. So the best Valentine’s Day flowers are:

  • Rosesof red or pink colours.
  • Orchids of purple or pink shades.
  • Stargazer Lilies.
  • Carnations of red or pink shades.
  • Sunflowers
  • Red tulips.
  • Pink peonies
  • Ranunculus or buttercups

Once you have picked the flower of your choice or the one that is the favourite of your beloved, you can buy wholesale flowers online and craft your own bouquet or order for the whole arrangement online. Whichever option you choose, these ideas will help you gift a perfect bouquet for the occasion.

The long-stemmed rose bouquet

Roses have become almost synonymous with the concept of Valentine’s Day due to their unfading charm and beauty.An arrangement of fresh long-stemmed roses in a simple but elegant vase conveys a perfect message of love. You can mix the shade of pink with the dark red ones to indicate the admiration you have for your beloved. The stems can be arranged with some seeded eucalyptus to bring in a complete look,and this is one bouquet that will surely create a lasting impact.

Roses and white lilies

The combination of the classical beauty of the rose with the elegance of white lilies is something that will create a unique charm. Being a perfect combination of beauty, purity and majesty, this bouquet will help you craft the perfect gift for the occasion. If you order this bouquet as valentines flowers to Pune, make sure that the flowers are delivered in full bloom condition to bring out the best look and create the right impact on your lover.

A cane box bouquet

A cane box filled with red roses and carnations mixed with some seasonal foliage creates a lovely bouquet that will be really special for the occasion. It will present the classical beauty of the roses in a new form and also add a new edge to your message of love. While roses have their own charm, the carnations signify “fascination” making them perfect for youthful romance. To enhance the look further, you can try a ribbon around the box to make it look more attractive.

An orchid bouquet

If you want to look beyond roses and carnations, the orchid is a perfect flower to set up the right bouquet for Valentine’s Day. A collection of exotic and delicate orchids can be a great choice for crafting a bouquet that signifies the depth of love. Pink orchids are a perfect option for the purpose as they have a soft beauty and a rich hue and will surely be adored by your beloved. Orchids are also associated with a sense of mysterious beauty,and it is a special flower that can be a perfect messenger of multiple emotions.

A multi-colour bouquet

A bouquet crafted by a mixture of fresh flowers is something that will surely bring a smile on your lover’s face. You can mix a dazzling array of colours with flowers like roses, stargazer lilies, carnations, purple asters and shades of green. You can also choose other colour combinations from any valentine day flower delivery in Pune.Filled with freshness and fragrance, this bouquet is the perfect sign of evergreen love.

A sunflower bouquet

Even though a sunflower is not associated with romance in the conventional sense, it is one flower that symbolises happiness and loyalty. The cheerful sunflowers with their vibrant petals represent the sun and an arrangement of these flowers along with some green foliage can spell out your romance in a special manner. You may think that these flowers are too large, but there are some smaller species available, ideal for crafting a bouquet. The sunflower is a great choice to create a lovely bouquet to convey the fresh tone of your love to your beloved.

A collection of lilies

Lilies are unique in their shape and colour,and a bouquet of colourful lilies can be the right one for Valentine’s Day. You can choose a single type of lily or a combination of various types. The stargazer lily is the perfect show of your admiration for your love while the red ones can reflect the depth of your passion. A collection of white lilies and the tiger lily can be brought in a royal touch to your bouquet.Anyway you create the combination, a bouquet of lilies always appear gorgeous and are ideal for sending across the unspoiled message of love.

A fresh bunch of tulips

Fresh tulips are not abundantly found when you are looking for cheap wholesale flowers online,but they represent love and commitment like no other flower. The red tulip with its perfect shape and deep colour are often used to describe a person who is “in the fire with love”.  The heart-shaped stigma in the centre of the flower also symbolises the heart of a lover, darkened by a deep sense of passion. Tulips are also one of the most popular flowers that are used as gifts as they stand for eternal love and a tulip bouquet will be the right choice for Valentine’s Day.

Choose pink peonies

Peonies are a very popular flower and are ideal for anniversaries and Valentine’s day as well. The soft pink shades and the exquisite look of this flower make it perfect for the occasion of love. A lovely bouquet of peonies is a perfect giftin between couples who are deeply in love.A beautiful bouquet of peonies accompanies by some dark chocolates,and a note of love will be a great choice for this Valentine’s Day.

A bunch of mixed roses

The charm and beauty of roses are simply unparalleled,and hence a bouquet created out of a mixture of roses can be a great idea. A combination of red, pink, yellow and white roses will bring out a shade of emotions and convey the best messages of love. From the joy and warmth of love to purity and innocence, roses of different colours can express more than words. Add some green shades to the bouquet to set up the right contrast,and you are ready with the perfect Valentine ’s Day gift.

Flowers can bring out the best mood in a person and set the perfect romantic atmosphere. So, while sending valentines flowers to Pune, make sure that you choose the right one that is both fresh and beautiful.

Author Bio: Pratik is one of the best florists in Pune, India. He has more than 7 years experience for creating handcrafted flower bouquets. During his career journey he has earned which flowers can be perfect the best gift in what occasion. He is serving the best quality flower delivery in Pune for wedding, birthday or any events.  Contact him at https://www.bloomsonly.com/ .


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