Healthy Snacks to Bring for Your Roadtrip


Going on a road trip will always be an exciting feeling. You get to be out of town with your friends or family with nothing to think about but to have a grand time. Most importantly, you take on a road trip to relax and take your mind off some things for a while.

For some people, it’s typical to stop at fast food or buy random snacks along the road. But if you’re someone who’s watching what they eat and maintaining a healthy physique, then the only way for you to do that even on a road trip is to prepare it yourself.

However, you don’t want to stress yourself much since there are other things you have to plan like time, destination, and other financial things.

To have a headache-free vacation, here are some healthy snacks you can prepare ahead of time:


Whether it’s peanut butter & jelly sandwich or simply a cheese filling, sandwiches will surely cover your carbohydrate needs for the trip. It’ll fill up your tummy, especially for long hours on the road. Don’t forget to use whole wheat bread to keep your health in check.

Nutrition Bars

If you want something a little bit sweet to munch on, take some nutrition bars with you. They’re packed with fiber and protein but low in carbs.

Look for the brands that contain mostly nuts, seeds, and fruit. Try to avoid nutrition bars with isolated soy protein.


Nuts can be your main source of protein. You can bring some almonds since it’s both tasty and healthy. Some brands also offer flavored almonds, so you have a lot to choose from.

You can even throw in sunflower seeds in your road trip basket, as they are a good source of healthy fats and magnesium.

The best way to consume such snacks is to share it around the car and include some fun stories while you’re at it.

Rice Rolls

A kimbap is a classic snack that Koreans love bringing to picnics, while sushi is Japanese. Whether that’s sushi or kimbap, you can make your own healthy rice roll to bring on your road trip. You don’t even have to put raw meat or seafood in your rice roll to make it delicious.

If you’re in a hurry to make it, use canned tuna or salmon pouches instead. Just make sure to drain the water or oil thoroughly. You can even squeeze it out of the meat using a sieve or a paper towel.

String Cheese

When you do your grocery shopping for the trip, grab some individually-wrapped string cheese. Choose the light string cheese, as it contains less saturated fat, but is still packed with the protein and calcium you need.

Check the manufacturer’s label since some brands claim that the nutrition benefits of one string cheese is equal to one glass of milk.

Boiled Eggs

One hard-boiled egg is packed with all the proteins you need to carry you through an afternoon. You can either cook hard-boiled eggs or soft-boiled eggs with a bit of a gooey yolk. Don’t make the yolk too gooey because that’s more difficult to eat when you’re on the move.

Boiled eggs are also handy to bring in a roadtrip because it’s not hard to pack. You can bring them along with the shells intact or you can pack them in a freezer bag without shells so that it’s easier to eat on the road.

Make sure you have drinking water within reach because eating the yolk will make your throat and mouth feel parched.


You don’t have to feel guilty when you’re munching on air-popped kernels. They’re high in fiber and fat-free! Of course, you have to skip on the artificial powdered flavorings that you usually love. But, hey, a little bit of salt would give it an edge.

It’s a healthy snack you can dive into while cruising on the highway and listening to your favorite tunes. This fun treat will keep everyone in the car happy.


You can bring fresh fruits, dried variants, or snack bars that are made of fruits and nuts. These are gluten-free bars that will surely not harm your diet, but will also make you feel full during the trip.

Moreover, bring fruits that you have to peel before eating to make sure that it won’t spoil your clothes and other things in your bag.

If you’re not into this, you can mix these fruits and make a smoothie which is a hassle-free healthy snack. You can still bring some apples and grapes, but make sure you separate them from your bag.

Yogurt Cups

If you’re calorie counting, then snacking on yogurt cups is the way to go. Yogurt contains probiotics that will help you have a healthier and cleaner digestive tract.

You can even sprinkle some of those dried fruits you brought on plain yogurt to give it more flavor and texture.


For the vegetables, slice some carrots, bell pepper, and snap peas. These are easy to eat vegetables that are packed with nutrients as well.

Ice-cold Water

Snacking on the road will definitely make your thirsty. Never go on a road trip without enough drinking water! Use an insulated bottle to keep your drinks cold for hours.

By munching these snacks while on the road, you’ll always have the energy to do fun activities such as taking photos like Ralph Wunsch. Who wouldn’t want to take photos like an expert?

Leave the boxes and big bags as well, as it will only eat up space in your car. Put your snacks in one big basket and separate them by putting some in zip locks. You should also think about your garbage. Bring an extra plastic bag to properly dispose of your waste.

At this point, you should be ready for that road trip. No more worries if you have to feel hungry during the long drives.


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