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When it comes to flower arrangement, we understand you don’t want to settle with any random flowers and decorations. You probably want to explore the best and unique ideas to make your wedding or any special occasion an unforgettable event for your guest and loved ones. After all, this is the bigger celebration in your life and should be celebrated with style and elegance. If you find the whole process of arranging flowers a bit complex it advisable to book a reputed cheap flower delivery in Sydney. They will guide you to arrange right seasonal, meaningful flowers which will be apt for the occasion.

Let’s see how you can select those blooms which will be best for the occasion:

Starting with a Wedding

When cherry-picking wedding flower arrangement, keep in mind to select the seasonal flowers you should tell your wedding florist to only select flowers which will be cheap and easily available at the time of your wedding.

Suggested flowers:

  • for summer evenings, opt for colourful blooms like oriental lilies, daffodils, tulips, and gypsophila
  • For a winter wedding ceremony, go with murky, gorgeous coloured flowers like carnation, gerberas, mix roses etc.


This is a priceless moment and to make it more grand and special select the flowers based on the season. You can always combine your flower bouquet with some chocolates, teddy, wine, a beautiful vase according to the year of your wedding. Make it a surprise to see the ultimate reactions on their face.

Suggested flowers:

  • Choose from a seasonal list of flowers.


Go with solid colour flowers for a birthday as they look awesome in an evening party. You can pick flowers of their choice if you know one or select flowers as per the list below:

Suggested flowers:

  • Hydrangeas, carnations – January
  • Lilies or daffodils – February
  • Orchids, Iris – March, and April
  • Lily of the valley – May
  • Roses or sweet peas – June and July
  • Poinsettiaandgerberas – August through to October
  • Chrysanthemums, poinsettias – November and December


Though from ages, Christmas is celebrated with seasonal flowers like Christmas cactus there are other options available with online florists also you if want to try something different this year.

Suggested flowers:

  • Holly
  • Poinsettia
  • Christmas Amaryllis

Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day falls in the winterseason, there are a variety of flowers apart from traditional roses as a gift option. You can try cherry reds, dark and bright colours both are good for the season. If you are experiencing the taste of a new relationship try purple, lavender roses. For a longstanding bond, red tulips are a decent option as they signify love. However, there is no comparison of roses you can try different coloursand they will surely be a winner of stealing the heart of the beloved.

If roses are not your ideal choice go with Oriental Lily bouquet– they’re easily available and durable. Try to pick a flower that reveals your loved one’s persona to add a unique touch and excuse yellow buds, as they symbolise friendship.

Suggested flowers:

  • Red roses
  • Tulips
  • Lavender roses
  • Oriental lily bouquet

Mother’s Day

Celebrate mother’s day with flowers of her choice,and if you are confused, you can select nice smelling flowers and try pink flower arrangements as they signify admiration and ideal for the occasion.

Mother’s day is a special day to make her feel she is loved and cared. On this day a bunch of carnations, white daisies, Sweet Pink Gerbera, Sunshine Lilies are all worthy choices. Red carnations and rich pink orchids are also considered wise choice as they represent beauty and classiness.

To make it more unique send her fruit basket, balloons and express your feelings for her loud and clear.

Suggested flowers:

  • Pink carnations
  • Sweet pink gerbera
  • Pink tulips or lilies
  • Orchids

Get Well Soon

It is the best occasion to gift nice smelling flowers as science has proven that flowers bring good health and help heal a wound. Who doesn’t like fresh flowers around which makes them happy? Fill happiness to someone’s life with enchanting,colourful Gerbera it’s a treat to watch such beautiful flowers when you are sick and can’t go out. These flowers will boost your energy to recover soon.

But remember if you are going to visit someone in hospital try to avoid strong smelling flowers. Mixed arrangements are always a harmless choice, particularly if you don’t know them well.

For home visits, you can choose bright colours and for children, take flowers with a lively spirit and bouquets that come with a get well balloon along with some chocolates.

Suggested flowers:

  • Blue Iris
  • Yellow tulips
  • White Asiatic Lilies

Funeral and Sympathy

Yellow day lilies are a widespread choice for funerals as they represent the soul leaving the body. Asides from these flowers, yellow are time and again a colour to excuse at funerals. Other best options are white roses or chrysanthemums. Colour is a tremendously key aspect to keep in mind when selecting a floral arrangement for a funeral. Try to skip the colours like oranges and reds and instead choose soothing colours, such as soft pastels, greens, and blues. After the funeral process, in the grieving ceremony, you can try brighter colors, such as purples and yellows, and such bouquets you can also send flowers Sydney straight to the receiver’s home. Consider lilies, carnations, and orchid plants, as these are possibly the most appropriate alternatives for such an occasion.

Suggested flowers:

  • White chrysanthemums
  • WhiteLilies
  • White carnations and orchid plants

Just Because…

Flowers are not only meant for any particular occasion you can celebrate any moment big or small with them. Gifting someone special a bunch of freshly picked flowers is always a joyful gesture. Even a small bouquet of lovely smelling blossoms will be well appreciated. Make it a surprise for them as they will feel ecstatic once they receive them. Choose flowers as per the taste of the person you are gifting it should go well with his or her personality. And if you’re uncertain of this info, go with flower with a hidden meaning. If you are still hesitant to pick one, look for an online florist who has flowers bouquets and gifts specially designed for any occasion.

Flowers are the ultimate gift for any occasion, including birthdays, weddings, baby showers, weddings, and funerals. Gift them unconditionally and see the magic they bring into your life and your loved one’s life. Order from online cheap flower delivery Sydney to get a good deal in seasonal flowers.

Author Bio: Kiran Hurkadli is an owner of “Fresh Flower Sydney”, it is famous florist in Sydney. Kiran is a passionate about flowers and he loves to write blogs.


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